With the demise of Kodak copying film I have now ceased producing any further slide catalogues and from large scale slide copying.Apologies to the many of you out there who continue to collect and who have been loyal customers over the last four catalogues.

Slides from catalogue 4 will continue to be available until the stock run out as they have already done so on the most popular images. Black and white photographs continue as normal and many of the colour images are currently available as black and white prints.

A selection of the stock appears regularly on my stand at events but you can obtain a catalogue by sending £2.00 to me at 67 Tuffley Avenue, Gloucester GL1 5LY.

The contents of the current slide catalogue follows herewith, albeit it in notebook format. You may find it easier to send off for a hard copy which is a little more user-friendly.


E1 3/4B 61302 Very work-stained, sitting in the sun at New England 3/1/65 E2 3/4F 61109 Sitting in the evening sun at Shrewsbury 1/10/64 E3 3/4F 61312 Double heading the Up Devonian with 45660 at Templemeads. Dull 1/8/60 E4 3/4F 61281 Heads the 19.10 Newcastle Relief, passing Hymek D7008 at Templemeads, overcast 23/4/62 E5 3/4F 61051 Heads the 12.40 from Gloucester past Barrow Hill shed, Bristol in the rain 31/8/63 E7 3/4F 63873 Awaiting the cutters torch at Cohens, Kettering, overcast 17/4/66 E9 3/4F 60145 Moves into Banbury shed yard E10 3/4F 60112 Out of use at New England shed. No smokebox plate 28/3/65 E11 3/4F 61040 Heads a relief passenger train past Wakefield shed 4/7/65 E12 3/4F 60131 Stands out of use at Neville Hill, no nameplates 4/7/65 E13 3/4F 61375 Derelict at March, disguised as Departmental 24 25/10/64 E14 3/4F 61406 Stands among the remains of other engines at Cohens yard, Kettering 21/8/66 E15 3/4B 61302 In steam at New England depot, but in terrible condition 3/1/65 E16 3/4B 61016 In the sun at Skipton, looking smart 20/9/64 E17 3/4F 63818 Stored out of use at Doncaster 28/5/66 E18 3/4F 61003 Glinting in the evening sun at March 24/1/65 E19 3/4F 60024 Passing Hamworthy with a special train from Waterloo 26/3/66 E20 3/4F 60065 Looking very black and unloved, at New England 30/8/64 E21 3/4B 61406 Amongst the weeds at Cohen’s yard, Kettering 21/8/66 E22 F 60062 Viewed from inside New England shed looking out onto the A3 and a diesel shunter 3/1/65 E23 3/4F 61023 On an overcast day at Low Moor shed 4/7/65 E24 3/4B 65879 Tender first on a train of empties at Cambois 14/9/65 E25 3/4F 65789 A delightful shot as the 0-6-0 passes Whittle on a coal train for Blyth E26 3/4F 65277 A sunny study of this old 0-6-0 at Keith Jc 14/6/60 E27 3/4F 64615 A Scottish Rambler calls at Lauriston station, closed in 1951 E28 3/4F 68346 Yard shunter hasn’t shunted at Alloa for a while E29 3/4F 60030 Passes through Hatfield on a van train 14/4/62 E30 3/4B 62027 Passengers clamber on board as the train waits to leave Waskerley 28/9/63 E31 3/4F 62027 Backs onto an RCTS special at Consett 28/9/63 E32 3/4F 63460 Waits to be relieved by a K1, at Consett 28/9/63 E33 3/4F 63399 An 0-8-0 in the correct livery – grime. At Tyne Dock 28/9/63 E34 S 26501 One of the overhead electrics at rest at Gosforth 29/9/63 E35 3/4B 67620 Waits on special train at Ponteland 29/9/63 E36 3/4F 68736 Atmospheric shot of this little J72 in Newcastle station 29/9/63 E37 H 61037 Shot against the interesting station and signal box of Bishops Auckland 29/9/63 E38 3/4F 63460 Waiting for a loco change at Bishops Auckland 28/9/63 E39 3/4F 60112 A smart A3 on unfamiliar ground at Waterloo 25/8/63 E40 3/4F 60065 A grubby A3 receives some attention at York 2/10/63 E41 3/4B 61031 Takes water with Battersby signal box in the background 1/10/63 E42 3/4F 63836 Inside the shed at York 2/10/63 E43 3/4B 61010 Taking water just off the platform end at Bridlington 8/11/63


L2 3/4F 47501 In Cohen’s scrap yard, Kettering. Looks pretty good, 17/1/65 L3 3/4F 45190 On Shrewsbury shed with 6934. 7/64 L4 3/4B 41222 Leaving Great Lilford 5/9/64 (Black and white) L5 3/4F 47673 Out of use on Llandudno Jc shed Overcast 12/6/66 L6 3/4F 44808 Leaking steam on a northbound van train at Whitchurch in the rain 29/11/66 L8 3/4F 48760 Climbs away from Radstock with the 08.15 Bath-Templecombe, 5/3/66 L9 3/4F 48309 Light engine at Mangotsfield en route to Bath 5/3/66 L12 3/4B 41206 Heads a line of ex S&D engines standing behind the signal box at St Phillips Marsh. A signal post protrudes into the shot 20/3/66 L15 3/4B 41296 Under repair in Bath Green Park shed 11/3/66 L16 3/4F 41307 With three other tanks, the last locos at Bath Green Park shed 18/3/66 L18 3/4B 48706 Templemeads east end pilot. 16/10/65 L21 3/4F 45198 Light engine at Kensington Olympia passing D8008 waiting for the road. Overcast 10/10/62 L24 3/4B 41712 A late survivor but now standing in the scrap yard at Cohen’s, Kettering Overcast 13/12/64 L25 3/4F 41712 Awaiting departure to the scrap yard. Overcast 22/11/64 L26 3/4F 48773 Posing in front of Rose Grove shed with someone on the buffer beam. Overcast 2/8/68 L27 48773 48666 has derailed across the points. The amused crew of 48773 look on from their engine 2/8/68 L28 3/4F 48220 On the coaling stage road at Gloucester Barnwood 14/7/63 L29 S 45653 Standing in no-mans land between Western and Midland at Gloucester 27/7/63 L30 3/4F 47308 Waits to leave Gloucester Eastgate with a special to Nailsworth 7/7/63 L31 3/4F 44903 Dumped at Stockport 22/8/68 L32 3/4B 44045 Stands in the platform at Gloucester Eastgate with rockeries and the signal box – delightful 27/7/63 L33 3/4F 44416 With a down freight in the centre road at Templemeads 16/4/63 L34 3/4F 48650 Moves into Banbury shed yard L35 S 46430 Awaiting her next turn at Nuneaton 28/3/65 L36 3/4F 48276 Poking her nose out of Wellingborough shed 6/3/66 L37 3/4F 44800 At Lostock Hall with a red smokebox plate 17/3/68 L38 3/4F 46160 Waiting at Carlisle Kingmoor on a WRS special in fading light 28/11/64 L39 3/4F 45298 Stands in Crewe station, with a self-trimming tender 1/9/64 L40 3/4F 41219 Standing outside Northampton shed, breakdown coach inside, coaling tower behind 28/3/65 L41 3/4F 44581 Waits her fate in Cohen’s scrap yard, Kettering 1/65 L42 3/4F 46484 A close-up study of this 2-6-0 at Buxton 10/9/66 L43 3/4B 47658 Cohen’s scrap yard, Kettering and the torch has already started on the tanks 26/2/67 L44 3/4F 46211 Still looking smart in the evening sun at Crewe 24/9/61 L45 3/4F 45149 In Llandudno shed yard 12/6/66 L46 3/4B 42951 Glinting in the evening sun at March 25/10/64 L47 3/4F 45196 On a southbound freight through Dent station 7/9/66 L48 3/4F 41245 Pauses at Congresbury with the 13.45 ex Yatton on the last day of this service 7/9/63 L49 3/4F 41245 At Cheddar on the 14.52 ex Wells passing tender-first 3218 on the 14.45 ex Yatton. Last day of service 7/9/63 L50 3/4F 44888 The smart class 5 sits outside Lostock Hall shed 26/7/68 L51 3/4F 45206 The class 5 is held by Carnforth East signal box 26/7/68 L52 3/4F 45017 Sits on Carnforth shed 26/7/68 L53 3/4B 44944 Waits to leave Templemeads on the 09.05 Penzance-Bradford 11/8/62 L54 3/4B 41224 In light steam and beautiful sunshine at Bournemouth L55 3/4F 41316 Leaves Swanage on the 15.10 to Wareham Aug 1965 L56 3/4F 45305 Under the Lostock Hall coaling plant 26/7/68 L57 3/4F 44874 Leaves Rose Grove on an SLS special with sister 45017 L58 3/4F 46211 Looking majestic in green, at Crewe L59 3/4B 44871 Receives some attention on Carnforth shed 31/7/68 L60 3/4F 44894 Starts away from Carnforth with a southbound freight 31/7/68 L61 3/4F 45287 Sits in the sun outside Northampton shed L62 3/4F 48519 Drops her last fire L63 3/4F 45231 Just in front of 45134 on Carnforth coaling stage 2/8/68 L64 3/4F 44894 Rolling along on her last freight, at Carnforth 1/8/68 L65 3/4B 41245 At Cheddar with the very last 14.52 from Wells 7/9/63 L66 3/4F 41245 At Yatton with the very last 13.45 to Wells 7/9/63 L67 3/4B 48773 Ready to move off Rose Grove shed 2/8/68 L68 3/4F 48404 Gleams through the smoky atmosphere at Crewe L69 3/4F 44677 The class 5 with the self-weighing tender brews up although sister 44998 is already for the off from Oban Jun 1961 L70 3/4F 46509 Pauses at Clapham junction while heading the Thames Valley tour 25/7/65 L71 3/4B 46509 Another view of the mogul at Clapham Junction 25/7/65 L72 3/4F 57441 At the head of some interesting rolling stock on a Scottish Railtour. Shotat Kirriemuir, closed for passengers in 1952 16/6/60 L73 3/4F 40697 Super shot of this 2P with her LMS lettered tender at Bath Green Park L74 3/4F 46256 Receives attention inside Crewe North roundhouse 30/8/64 L75 3/4F 46115 A very early preserved shot at Dinting while the engine is still in classic BR green with yellow stripe 29/9/68 L76 3/4F 46163 Unlike L75, Civil Service Rifleman looks very unloved. Annesley 9/8/64 L77 3/4F 45647 A little overcast for this grubby Jubilee at Farnley Jc 4/7/65 L78 3/4F 45573 Newfoundland moves off Kettering shed 28/3/65 L79 3/4F 47005 No further use at Canklow for this saddle tank 3/7/66 L80 3/4F 44810 Shunts the yard at Newcastle Jc, Stoke in this busy scene 12/3/65 L81 3/4F 41316 Leaves Wareham on a train to Swanage 13/2/65 L82 3/4F 44182 In Cohen’s, Kettering with another 4F for scrapping 1965 L83 3/4B 46250 Waiting her next turn at Carlisle Upperby 18/9/64 L84 3/4F 47355 In Cohen’s, Kettering, destined for razor blades 17/1/65 L85 3/4F 41228 The side tanks have gone in this Cohen’s scrap yard shot. Kettering 1965 L86 3/4B 47521 Looks like the top half is ready to lift off this long-time Bletchley engine at Cohen’s, Kettering 26/2/67 L87 3/4F 42942 Weekend respite for this 2-6-0 at Birkenhead 26/2/67 L88 3/4F 45577 Bengal rests in Shrewsbury 2/8/64 L89 3/4F 49361 Leaves Bushbury with a freight for Bescot 16/7/64 L90 H 42405 Waiting to leave West Auckland on a special 30/9/63 L91 3/4F 41287 Arriving at Bramley & Wonnersh with the 10.34 Guildford to Horsham 16/5/64 L92 3/4F 43854 Making heavy weather on a long freight at Coalville 16/11/63 L93 3/4F 44171 Heading south on a long train of empties at Desford 16/11/63 L94 3/4F 58148 Arriving at Desford with a freight from West Bridge 16/11/63 L95 3/4F 45736 Passes Carlisle Kingmoor on a southbound freight 14/9/63 L96 3/4F 57278 Out of use stovepipe Caley at Motherwell 13/9/63 L97 3/4F 46245 Resting at Crewe North shed 21/4/63 L98 3/4F 47257 In between turns at Wellingborough 19/4/63 L99 3/4F 45134 Pre-motorway, this class 5 heads north up Shap 12/10/67 L100 3/4F 42613 Being cleaned at Birkenhead by some young lads. Where are they now? 26/2/67 L101 3/4F 43129 At Morpeth on the Wansbeck Wanderer 9/11/63 L102 3/4F 46111 Royal Fusilier with an up express at Bletchley 1/9/62 L103 3/4F 44560 With a PWay train at Evercreech Jc while 53808 waits in the yard 7/10/62 L104 3/4F 46238 Waits to leave Hellifield on a special 27/9/63 L105 3/4F 44269 Arrives at Clifton Down with a freight from Westerleigh 23/2/62 L106 3/4F 41835 Newly outshopped under the coaling plant at Derby 24/9/61 L107 3/4F 43129 At Scotsgap with the Wansbeck Wanderer 9/11/63 L108 3/4F 11368 Looks out of use but retains her old number at Horwich 13/10/63 L109 3/4B 41242 Arrives at Highbridge with a train from Templecombe 15/7/63 L110 3/4F 41308 Waits at Axminster on a Lyme Regis train 18/7/63 L111 3/4B 41234 Waits to leave Bangor with sister 41200, on a special 20/10/63 L112 3/4F 42409 Running round a Nidd Valley special train at Wetherby 19/10/63 L113 3/4F 41200 With sister 41234 at the recently closed station of Llanberis 20/10/63 L114 3/4B 41234 Readies to leave Nantle on an SLS special 20/10/63 L115 3/4F 48309 Hauling a dead DMU through Rycroft 12/6/63 L116 3/4F 44226 On a northbound coal train at Ashchurch 15/6/63 L117 3/4F 44123 Shuffles towards Dudbridge station 1/11/63 L118 3/4F 42337 Pauses at Leek on this train to Uttoxeter 6/9/63 L119 3/4F 44847 In the Great Central mecca that was Nottingham Victoria 31/8/63 L120 3/4F 43057 On a special at Tyne Dock surrounded by cranes 29/9/63 L121 S 43018 Outside Watford Jc shed 24/8/63 L122 3/4F 46522 On an engineers saloon at Birmingham New St 2/10/63 L123 3/4F 48691 Gets a new smokebox at Horwich 12/10/63 L124 3/4F 42896 Pauses at Nottingham Midland on a special train 12/10/63 L125 3/4F 41218 About to leave Kettering on a Northampton train 14/10/63 L126 3/4F 44708 Newly outshopped at Crewe 13/10/63 L127 3/4F 42409 Arrives at Leeds City for a special working 19/10/63 L128 3/4B 42409 Running round a Nidd Valley special at Leeds City 19/10/63 L129 3/4F 11324 Dumped at Horwich works 13/10/63 L130 3/4F 48343 Fresh from the Horwich works paint shop 13/10/63 L131 3/4F Class5 Stands in Millbrook station on a special train 9/10/64 L132 3/4F 42405 Running round her train at Middleton-on-Teesdale 30/9/63


D1 3/4F 50038 Heads the 11.30 Bristol-Paddington past North Somerset Jc. 20/4/72 D4 3/4F 50038 On Bristol Bath Road shed, in the evening sunshine 20/10/76 D5 3/4B D8043 Heads a southbound freight through Kensington Olympia in the early morning sunshine 10/10/62 D7 3/4F 50033 Heads the 07.05 from Worcester at Templemeads 2/2/83 D8 3/4B D8148 With D8150 with a northbound freight at Beeston. 17/4/71 D9 3/4F D132 On Wellingborough shed, looking grimy. Overcast 25/4/65 D10 S D2998 On Eastleigh shed, overcast 1967 D11 3/4F D2861 At Lostock Hall, possibly shunting 29/7/67 D12 3/4F 24079 Accompanies 40023 west from Llandudno Jc. Overcast 25/5/75 D13 3/4F D2985 On Eastleigh shed. Overcast 19/2/67 D14 3/4F D95xx Masquerading as 9312/92 at Lynmouth in industrial use. Overcast 27/7/70 D16 3/4F D2999 Same pace, same time, different angle 3/6/67 D17 3/4B D4502 At work shunting at Tinsley. Overcast 22/4/67 D19 3/4F DMU Passing Barnstaple signal box from Town station 10/70 D20 3/4F D5013 Taking the token at Penrhyndeudraeth on the head of a van train Overcast 31/7/67 D21 3/4F D6814 Rests on March shed in the sunshine 6/12/64 D22 3/4B 24063 With 25125 heads a stone train through Sutton Bridge Jc, Shrewsbury 11/8/78 D23 3/4F D2953 Looking very smart, but doesn’t have enough wheels! March 6/12/64 D24 3/4F D24 Split headcode box on the 11.05 Penzance-Bradford with D36 on the 11.45 Newquay-York alongside. At Templemeads Dull 22/7/67 D25 3/4F D2400 Hiding in Staveley shed with D2403 28/1/68 D26 3/4F D7013 On Severn Tunnel Jc shed in the sunshine 17/10/70 D27 3/4F D10xx Heads a long train of southbound milk empties at Bath Overcast 7/73 D28 3/4F Pullman Arriving at Templemeads on the first day of service Dull 12/9/60 D29 3/4F D9525 On a trip freight at Keynsham 2/5/66 D30 3/4B D1200 Waits to leave Taunton on a test train. 27/5/71 D31 3/4F 25xxx Heading a freight at Hunting Butts Tunnel past an embankment garden Overcast 8/75 D32 3/4F D25 Waits to depart Bath Green Park with the 11.40 Bournemouth-Bristol. 11/3/65 D33 3/4F Pullman Passes Oldfield Park, Bristol on the 16.45 from Paddington. Faint sunshine 5/72 D34 3/4F D2086 On Weymouth station pilot duties. Overcast 15/6/70 D35 3/4F D8200 On Stratford shed Overcast 3/6/67 D36 3/4F DP2 Fills the frame looking pristine in this sunny shot D37 3/4F D6333 Shunting the Frys chocolate train at Keynsham while being overtaken by the 11.23 Portsmouth-Cardiff. Overcast 15/8/67 D39 3/4F D121 At Bath Green Park on the 17.55 to Bristol while 82044 on the 18.05 to Binnegar is in the other platform. Low evening light 22/9/65 D40 3/4F D52 Passing through Keynsham on a Bristol-Salisbury parcels. Overcast 15/8/67 D41 3/4F D58 Passing Bristol East signal box with a rake of nice maroon coaches. 4/9/67 D42 3/4F 24021 With 5020 in the works at Swindon 4/3/77 D43 3/4F E5005 On a freight at Tonbridge 24/9/64 D44 3/4F D6517 With D6538 roaring through Pokesdown on the down Bournemouth Belle 28/8/66 D45 3/4F D91 Comes off the down Cornishman at Templemeads 3/12/66 D46 S D9005 In unnamed condition at York. 5/6/62 D48 3/4F D6546 Running round the 16.05 from Exeter, at Barnstaple. Overcast 27/3/72 D49 3/4F 55007 Starts out from Kings Cross on the 09.00 to Newcastle. 23/8/76 D50 3/4F 55002/6 Bradford & Leeds Executives side by side under the roof at Kings Cross 25/8/77 D51 3/4F D7000 Heads the 13.00 Bath-Bristol at Templemeads. The last working of a SR three coach set. 5/3/66 D52 3/4F D6586 Heads a short freight through Tonbridge 25/9/64 D53 3/4F D6324 Looks very smart sitting on a shed. D55 3/4F D2063 Looking smart on station pilot duty at Bradford Exchange. An interesting comparison with the Reliant Robin to the left. Faint sun 5/8/68 D56 3/4B 45022 Loco change at Templemeads on the 09.10 Paignton-Newcastle 18/8/64 D59 3/4F D5843 Passing through Bath on a southbound parcels. 8/73 D60 3/4F 0280 Arrives at Kings Cross on a Pullman train. D61 3/4F 50050 Waiting to depart Exeter St Davids with the 12.18 to Waterloo 15/8/87 D63 3/4B D2150 Station pilot at York, bright against the dark station backdrop 6/8/68 D67 3/4F D7091 Stops at Holt Jc with the 15.05 Trowbridge-Chippenham. Overcast 16/4/66 D68 3/4B D2134 Shunting vans at Plymouth, milk tanks in the background 27/8/70 D71 3/4F 252001 Passing through Swindon as the 16.45 Paddington-Bristol. 26/6/75 D72 3/4F 252001 At Keynsham as the 07.45 Parkway-Paddington, first day of HST service 4/5/75 D73 3/4F PWM651 At Keynsham with a maintenance train, working wrong line. Overcast 11/10/75 D74 H Pullman Last down Bristol Pullman arrives at Templemeads. Overcast 4/5/73 D75 3/4F 31309 At Bath Road, with large numbers, white stripe 23/9/87 D78 3/4F D1598 Heads the 11.45 Paddington-Weston SM through Keynsham 15/6/69 D79 3/4F 45032 On the 10.30 Taunton-Manchester leaving Bristol Parkway past PWM 654. Nice panorama. 26/2/77 D80 3/4F 45014 Revs up to leave Templemeads 5/7/64 D85 S D2144 Resting in the sunshine at Burry Port 22/7/72 D86 3/4F D2044 Station pilot at Darlington. Overcast 30/8/72 D87 3/4F D2023 Shunting in the sunshine at Middlesborough 31/8/72 D88 3/4F D7038 Stops at Melksham with the 17.35 Westbury-Swindon. Overcast 16/4/66 D89 S D2140 Shunting across Millbay Road, Plymouth. Old cars, lots of interest. Overcast 24/4/69 D90 S D5823 Demolition train at Saltford 4/2/73 D94 3/4F D145 At Templemeads heading the 07.30 all stations to Swansea 4/8/71 D95 3/4F D39 Stands in Templemeads with the 13.00 Paignton-Sheffield Overcast 24/8/63 D96 3/4F D15 Moves through Templemeads and passes a Western, 19/8/67 D97 3/4F D24 At Bath Green Park with the 14.10 to Bristol, green loco on green Bullied stock. 5/10/65 D98 3/4F D2101 In York works with D2051 6/8/68 D99 3/4F DMU At Melksham as the 17.47 Chippenham-Westbury. 16/4/66 D100 3/4B D8134 Cab first engineers train in bright sunshine at Walsall 22/9/69 D101 S D5134 Sitting in the sunshine at Crewe South 21/9/69 D102 3/4F D7504 With a southbound van train at Leicester 11/7/70 D103 3/4F D7009 At Exeter with snowploughs and with D7577 in the sunshine. 26/3/72 D104 3/4B D1733 Heads the 15.15 Bristol-Paddington at Bath. In experimental blue. 15/9/66 D105 3/4F PWM651 In Radyr shed yard, faded blue livery. 8/11/78 D106 3/4F Pullman The last up Bristol Pullman approaches Bath. Overcast 4/5/73 D108 3/4F 252001 Arriving at Templemeads as the 13.48 WSM-Paddington 7/5/75 D109 3/4F 252001 With an APT power car at Derby 27/8/77 D112 S PWM650 Engineers train at Keynsham. Overcast 10/5/70 D114 3/4F D5623 On empty stock from the suburban platforms at Kings Cross 12/5/71 D115 F D5627 With D5640/91/71 on evening rush hour trains waiting to depart Kings Cross. Overcast 19/2/68 D118 3/4F D34 On the 11.40 Bournemouth-Bristol train at Bath Green Park 2/3/65 D119 3/4F D353 Arrives at Kings Cross with the 07.40 from Grimsby. 12/5/71 D120 3/4F D350 Heads the 09.00 Liverpool-Newcastle at St.Helens Jc 1/8/68 D121 3/4F D342 Moving light past the signal box at Springs Branch. 21/8/69 D122 3/4F D326 On two classic Royal Mail coaches at Manchester Vic. 4/8/68 D123 3/4F D231 Stands at Birmingham New St with D305 in the sunshine 16/8/66 D124 3/4F D215 Named class 40 moves on to Crewe shed in the evening sunlight 21/9/69 D126 3/4F D2144 At Burry Port with D3745 in the background 22/7/72 D129 3/4B D2257 On a long transfer freight at Tonbridge – it must be moving slowly! 25/9/64 D132 3/4F D2433 Resting with D2443 at Polmadie. Overcast 29/8/72 D133 3/4F D2420 With a crane at Ferryhill, looking delightful in the sunshine 19/8/69 D135 3/4F D1692 Crew training at Bath on the 12.18 from Salisbury 6/2/64 D136 3/4F D159 Light engine at Templemeads 22/9/70 D138 3/4F D166 Waiting to leave Templemeads on the 08.15 from Newcastle. 55A shedplate 19/4/69 D139 3/4F D188 At Templemeads alongside D813 and D1055. Overcast 9/8/69 D140 F D141 Centre headcode box 141 shunts vans while split headcode D26 waits to leave Templemeads on the down Cornishman 29/10/66 D141 3/4F D1935 An up oil train in the early morning at Keynsham 20/5/69 D142 3/4F D5612 With an up local passenger at Hitchin Overcast 14/10/69 D143 3/4F D5595 Passing through Farringdon on the 16.00 Moorgate-Welwyn. Passengers awaiting their underground train pay it no attention. 11/4/73 D146 3/4F DMU Passing California Crossing, Gloucester on the long gone Midland route through the town 29/11/79 D147 3/4F D8206 In green livery dumped in Barry Docks Overcast 2/8/69 D148 S ADB968002 Ex D8237 fills the frame at Colchester. 20/7/79 D149 3/4F D8500 On Motherwell shed in faint sun 16/8/69 D150 3/4F D8231 Dumped with D8216 at Ipswich, in green Overcast 10/6/71 D151 3/4F D8583 With 16 other blue and green Claytons stored at Millerhill 27/8/72 D153 3/4F D48 On the up Devonian at Templemeads awaiting her pilot 10/2/62 D154 3/4F D126 With D42, one clean, one dirty waiting to leave on the 12.40 up Devonian 16/2/62 D156 3/4F E3027 With white cab roof and the Manchester Pullman standing behind, at Manchester Longsight 21/8/68 D157 3/4F D422 Under gloomy skies at Crewe 20/8/68 D158 3/4F DMU Green, with whiskers at Saltash. Nice signal and Royal Albert Bridge in shot 8/64 D159 3/4F D1000 In grubby desert sand arriving at Plymouth North Road with the Cornish Riviera. A green Warship in shot 8/64 D160 3/4F D814 Heads a rake of withdrawn steam locos past lineside allotments at Westbury 31/3/66 D161 3/4F D1650 Heads an up freight past St Marys Crossing Box, Chalford 25/3/66 D162 3/4F D1010 On Royal train duty standing in Stroud station having taken over from D1041 now in the bay 23/4/66 D163 3/4F D1010 Backs down onto the Royal train at Stroud 23/4/66 D164 F D7000 Arrives at Stroud with a Gloucester-Portsmouth school excursion 30/6/66 D165 3/4F D7098 Climbs into Sapperton tunnel with a long van train 6/7/66 D166 3/4F D2991 Shunts across the road in the rain at Southampton 9/8/66 D167 3/4F D7044 Heads a breakdown train through Bowbridge Halt in the low evening sun 16/4/67 D168 3/4F D1042 Heading up the Stroud valley on the Cheltenham Spa Express 22/4/67 D169 3/4F D1733 In grubby experimental blue heads the Cheltenham Spa Express 6/5/67 D170 3/4F D1000 Heads the up Cheltenham Spa Express at Bowbridge Halt 6/64 D171 3/4F D1041 In maroon, heads the Cheltenham Spa Express at Ham Mill 10/6/67 D172 3/4F D7070 On a short mixed freight at Standish Jc 14/6/67 D173 3/4F D7000 Coasts down the bank to Standish Jc with a van train 14/6/67 D174 3/4F D1801 Heads a stone van up Sapperton bank past St Marys Crossing signal box at Chalford 6/5/67 D175 3/4F D1589 Banking the stone train in D174 6/5/67 D176 3/4F D1050 On the Cheltenham Spa Express at Ebley 9/5/67 D177 3/4F DMU In early BR blue at Gossington 9/5/67 D178 3/4F D53xx Waits to depart from Fort William station 30/7/69 D179 3/4F D1003 The up Cheltenham Spa Express at Ebley 9/6/67 D180 3/4F D68 On a York-Bristol express at Stonehouse 7/62 D181 F D9017 Shot from above with the whole panorama of Waverley station, Edinburgh 4/8/69 D182 3/4F D81 Standing with D181 at Gloucester Horton Road shed 8/9/68 D183 3/4F D840 Entering Templemeads station from the south 16/4/63 D184 3/4F D863 In store at Newton Abbot, nameplates gone 4/5/69 D185 3/4F D1054 Immaculate, heading an up freight at Stroud 6/63 D186 3/4F D7032 Arriving at Stroud with a school excursion to Dudley 7/63 D187 3/4F D7002 Heads a diverted Paddington-Cheltenham passenger past Stonehouse Bristol Road station 21/7/63 D188 3/4F 13003 Stands in Tinsley yard with her slave unit 18/11/77 D189 3/4F 6323 Southern Region emu sits in the single platform at Silvertown with a quiet street scene behind 16/4/86 D190 3/4F D7003 The crew ignores the photographer as the loco sits on the 10.06 to Plymouth at Cardiff 6/10/62 D191 3/4F D7001 Sits on the wrong line with a cable laying train at Keynsham 15/6/69 D192 3/4F D7006 Sits in the platform at Taunton with an inspection coach 23/4/66 D193 3/4F D7006 Green Hymek and blue D7081 head a maroon Western in front of Bath Road shed 1/6/68 D194 3/4F D7014 Heading the 15.51 Yeovil-Bath 27/3/68 D195 3/4F 55993 Single car parcels unit in blue passing the Manchester Victoria signal box 22/8/64 D196 H DMU Green DMU waits on the 15.12 to Manchester at Hayfield 1/8/68 D197 3/4F 029 In green, arriving at Liverpool St Station 12/9/68 D198 3/4F DMU’s Two sets stand in Bourne End station 8/4/70 D199 S D7057 In blue, rather care-worn at Bristol Bath Road 1/10/71 D200 3/4F D7017 Heads the 09.35 Cardiff-Portsmouth at Keynsham 14/2/70 D201 3/4F D1012 On the 16.10 Penzance-Paddington at Plymouth 13/6/74 D202 3/4F W32 Ready to depart Gloucester Eastgate on the 10.15 to Worcester. In green with whiskers, on a dull day 31/8/60 D203 3/4F D826 The very scruffy blue Warship waits to move off Exeter 15/2/71 D204 3/4F D831 The green Warship arrives at Templecombe on the 07.20 from Exeter 20/9/64 D205 3/4F TBD968006 The green Co-Bo in a siding at Bristol Bath Road out of use 8/4/76 D206 3/4F D601 Moves of Plymouth Laira in the rain 25/4/67 D207 3/4F D8513 Green centre cab on blue-grey coaches in the rain at Glasgow Central 20/8/69 D208 3/4F D9517 As 9312/93 on a rake of classic coal wagons with winding gear in the Background, at Ashington colliery 8/6/71 D209 3/4F D9527 Enters Templemeads on a transfer freight 17/2/65 D210 3/4F D853 On the 00.45 Manchester-Penzance at Exeter, dull day 30/4/64 D211 3/4F E3014 Rests at Stafford 22/8/63 D212 3/4B 47163 With large flag and silver roof livery the class 47 throttles up at Colchester on the 08.30 Liverpool St-Norwich 29/8/77 D213 3/4B D2423 In blue livery at Aberdeen Harbour 13/6/73 D214 3/4F D2443 At Polmadie with no less than four BR emblems on one side 29/8/72 D215 3/4F 07009/3 Rest between turns at Southampton 29/7/76 D216 3/4B DPL 84 A Ruston & Hornby 88hp diesel in departmental use, under repair at York 6/8/68 D217 3/4F PWM654 Looks very clean, in green, at Taunton Concrete Works 30/6/66 D218 D2722/45 Standing off the turntable at St Margarets 18/8/63 D219 3/4F D6307/39 On a dull day these two head the 07.45 to Penzance at Truro, one in green, one in blue 24/5/68 D220 3/4F D835 In scruffy green at Templemeads with the 09.05 Manchester-Plymouth 13/3/65 D221 3/4F D842 Maroon Warship heads for Gloucester shed in the rain 23/3/70 D222 3/4B 11709 In green with part white end, shunting at Dundee – a rare shot 19/8/60 D223 3/4F D814/856 Regularly double-headed 08.00 Plymouth-Liverpool at Exeter. Steam banker on the left 30/4/64 D224 3/4F D1072 The 13.15 Bristol-Paddington passes a redundant signal at Keynsham 23/8/70 D225 3/4F D1030 Moving past Templemeads with D1051 in the background 15/4/76 D226 3/4F D8234 Close up of the smart looking class 15 at Liverpool St. 10/4/68 D227 3/4F D9555 Shunting in Lydney yard, Berry Wiggins tankers in the background 26/4/67 D228 3/4F D5038 Looking immaculate outside Derby works 3/7/65 D229 3/4F D9555 Stands in the GWR station at Coleford with a brake van special 26/4/67 D230 3/4F M55010 The single car unit passes shunter 3616 on the 17.55 to Gloucester, at Cheltenham St James. D231 3/4F D7048 Makes her way to Bristol Bath Road shed 1/8/70 D232 3/4F 45052 In Cheltenham station with a southbound passenger 14/2/76 D233 3/4F D7042 The dirty Hymek heads a very long freight at Bath 14/3/63 D234 3/4F D2305 Sits outside Llanelly Steelworks shed, still in BR green 3/11/68 D235 3/4F D1780 At Stoke Orchard passing an immaculate Cleeve signal box with a passenger train 26/6/65 D236 3/4F D5628 Stands in front of a much cleaner sister, at March 24/1/65 D237 S D2998 Resting on Eastleigh shed 4/6/67 D238 3/4F D9555 Shunting in Lydney yard, Berry Wiggins tankers in the background 26/4/67 D239 3/4F D52 The winters supply of coal has been delivered to Cleeve signal box as the Peak heads a southbound passenger through Stoke Orchard 3/9/66 D240 S D5554 In green with white bands at March 24/1/65 D241 S D6318 Stands on a breakdown train at Ashchurch 4/5/68 D242 3/4F D5343 Standing in Kyle of Lochalsh station 22/6/71 D243 3/4F D1025 Approaching Oldfield Park, Bristol with the 13.15 Bristol-Paddington 10/10/69 D244 3/4B D1010 Western Campaigner on a special at Bristol 27/11/76 D245 3/4F D1023/09 On the Westerns South Western railtour passing Cowley Bridge signal box from Meldon 30/10/76 D246 3/4F D1055 On the 07.25 Penzance-Newton Abbot at St Austell 8/4/71 D247 3/4F D9555 Smashing shot of the class 14 during shunting operations at Coleford Jc 26/4/67 D248 3/4F D8236 Awaiting cutting up at Cransley 28/6/69 D249 3/4F D2423 In between turns at Inverness 14/6/70 D250 3/4F D9502 Passing Bilson signal box, Cinderford, with the daily freight. Dull day but a pleasant shot 27/4/67 D251 3/4F D9502 Lined up in Cinderford station waiting to depart on a freight. Goods yard to the left. 27/4/67 D252 3/4F D9502 Southbound freight through Ruspidge station while a sheep guards the platform 27/4/67 D253 3/4F D9502 Stands by the GWR signal box at Bilson, Cinderford 27/4/67 D254 3/4F D1058 Crew training on the 08.17 Bristol-Salisbury at Keynsham 19/4/63 D255 3/4F PWM652 In the dock at Keynsham, signal box behind 1/8/64 D256 3/4F D6353 Hauling the 10.49 ex Witham at Yatton in the rain on the last day of service 7/9/63 D257 3/4F D1048 In the snow at Bathampton with the 12.18 Salisbury-Bristol 18/1/63 D258 3/4F D6356 Plenty of clag as she starts away from Ashton Gate with the 08.15 ex Portishead on the last day of service 5/9/64 D259 3/4F DPL84 The Ruston Hornsby of 1959 stands in York works 6/8/68 D260 3/4F D2433 Dumped without rods at Polmadie 29/8/72 D261 3/4F D1002 Maroon light engine at Bathampton 4/6/70 D262 3/4F D1001 Dirty blue Western exits the shed roads at Bath Road 6/5/76 D263 3/4F D5358/59 Dull day, but the classic shot in Oban station 21/6/71 D264 3/4F D1052 Passes USA tank 30067 at Bath with the 11.45 from Paddington 26/2/68 D265 3/4F D1056 With the 13.35 WSM-Paddington on the viaduct at Bath. Redevlopment works in the foreground 8/3/65 D266 3/4F D1053 The last rays of the sun catch the worn blue/maroon bodywork at Templemeads 27/5/71 D267 3/4F 55015 Revving up on the 13.05 to York, at Liverpool Lime St 23/12/81 D268 3/4F D9021 Arrives at Newcastle with the Up Aberdonian 31/8/72 D269 3/4F 40119 With the 13.20 Skegness-Manchester at Worksop 27/8/77 D270 3/4F D133 The 09.10 ex Bradford at Templemeads. Loco in experimental blue? 9/10/66 D271 3/4B PWM654 Nice shot of the immaculate 0-6-0D shunting wagons at Taunton Concrete Works 30/6/66 D272 3/4F 20203 Shunting the RAF siding at Leuchars by the signal box 11/8/83 D273 3/4B 01002 A close up study on the breakwater at Holyhead 24/8/76 D274 3/4F 03382 The green 03 is not over-taxed shunting one wagon at Lawrence Hill 15/10/76 D275 3/4F 03144 Cracking shot of this 03 at Llanelly passing light coupled to 03051 and 03052 4/4/81 D276 3/4F D5326 Green and white stripe on Perth shed 21/8/83 D277 3/4F D5305 Possibly shunting Duchess 46255 which is directly behind at Perth 21/8/63 D278 3/4F D5701 By now the Co-Bo is nearly out of use. Sister engine 05 just showing on the left at Crewe 15/10/67 D279 3/4F D5701 Made it into BR blue, but two others in the shot are still in green. Kingmoor 21/8/69 D280 3/4F D8534 Kingmoor again and Claytons as far as the eye can see! 21/8/69 D281 3/4F D5362 Stands near the end of the line at Fort William on the water-side of the station 14/8/69 D282 3/4F D1655 Cracking shot of the 47 drifting past Cardiff Canton shed and signal box 9/4/66 D283 3/4F D14 All over green with small yellow bar of the nose. Templemeads 20/8/66 D284 3/4B D2137 A wonderful shot of a typical goods yard at Gloucester Docks. Lots of interest with the 03 shunting 23/1/67 D285 3/4B D6973 On a Welsh wet day the class 37 banks sister engine D6920 and her train out of the yard at Aberbeeg 24/6/67 D286 3/4B D8212 No work on this dull day at Stratford 3/6/67 D287 S D8406 Views of this class are pretty scarce, even on a dull day at Stratford 3/6/67 D288 H E3076 With E3068 and E3003 line up next to the steam shed at Rugby 28/3/65 D289 3/4F Railbus The four wheeler awaits to depart Cirencester 12/6/63 D290 3/4F DMU Maiden Newton train ready to depart Bridport, Mar 1975 D291 3/4B D2754 An Edinburgh resident all her life sits at Dalry Road Jun 1964 D292 S D5301 In green and white stripe livery, at Haymarket June 1964 D293 3/4F D7055 Pauses at Yeovil Pen Mill with a Bristol train. Lots of maroon and green D294 3/4F D8561 At St Margarets, not exactly over worked. D295 S D2989 A cracking shot of this shunter at Eastleigh which became 07 005 Oct 71 D296 3/4B D3040 Shunting at Southampton Aug 1971 D297 3/4F E6003 Straight out of the box at Eastleigh in shiny green Aug 1962 D298 3/4F D8033 Nose forward, shunting a rake of vans at Inverness Jun 1961 D299 3/4F PWM653 In dirty green, at Reading Apr 1973 D300 3/4F D2443 In smart green livery at Haymarket May 1968 D301 3/4B D2293 Along with D2294 and behind, D2289. Three 03’s for the price of one! AtEastleigh Oct 1971. D302 3/4F D1903 Passes Bournemouth shed with the Bournemouth Belle Jun 1967 D303 3/4F D2028 A nice sunny shot at Bournemouth Jun 1967 D304 3/4F D3002 Previously 13002 this 08 in shunting at Westbury Jun 1967 D305 3/4B 55002 Accelerating away from Doncaster station 26/7/77 D306 3/4F 50040 Catches the evening sun at Templecombe 4/10/86 D307 3/4F D832 Heads the down Devonian at Exeter. In green with headboard 30/4/62 D308 S D2334 At Thurcroft Coll but still in BR green livery 8/4/80 D309 3/4F D9503 At Bristol Bath Rd in immaculate two tone green with 82A shedplate 5/6/65 D310 3/4F D14 At Templemeads heading the down Cornishman, with split headcodes, corridor doors and 55A shedplate 14/8/65 D311 3/4F D6354 At Templemeads, just out of her North British box 9/8/62 D312 3/4F BRE-Leyland Railbus, looks new so perhaps on trials at Bristol 15/10/81 D313 3/4F D1010 Heading the 06.20 Bristol-Paddington at Keynsham 6/6/68 D314 3/4F PWM650 At Bristol East in smart blue. The oldest class 97, built in 1952 3/7/76 D315 3/4F D827 In blue, full yellow end competing with green sister across the platform at Templemeads, Just think of the noise! 16/8/67 D316 3/4F PWM654 Out of use at Bristol East 25/6/76 D317 3/4F 31225 Posed with sister 31404 in front of the Kings Cross tunnels 23/8/76 D318 3/4F D8516 Lined up with 5 North British class 21’s at St Rollox 29/8/72 D319 3/4F D9012 The driver has finished his turn on this Deltic parked at Kings Cross 12/4/67 D320 3/4F 26013 Coasts into Manchester Picadilly with the 13.45 from Sheffield 19/8/66 D321 3/4F 97804 06003 masquerading in blue at Reading signal works 29/3/82 D322 3/4F D5321 In blue at Haymarket alongside sister D5306 17/8/69 D323 3/4F D1059 Powers her way past Bath goods sidings on a Paddington train 12/6/69 D324 3/4F D1051 At Templemeads on a freight to Carlisle passing D1030 15/4/76 D325 3/4F D1965 At Crewe, possibly awaiting attention 4/9/67 D326 3/4F 27105 Climbing out of Queen St with the 13.00 to Waverley. 27112 pushing 25/8/74 D327 3/4F D15 Are the crew looking for their sandwiches? Templemeads 19/8/67 D328 3/4F D1059 A blue Western of the 13.45 Bristol-Paddington at Keynsham passing green D7001 on a wrong-line cable laying train 15/6/69 D329 3/4F D1022 The weary Western reverses a freight into Bristol Kingsland Rd goods yard 21/12/76 D330 S D1022 At Bristol Bath Road looking happier than in D329 22/7/67 D331 3/4F D1057 A little in the distance at Bristol Bath Road May-67 D332 3/4F 06003 Before her departmental career, stands at Eastfield 25/8/74 D333 3/4F D5408 Leaving Fort William on the 10.25 to Mallaig 14/8/69 D334 3/4F D7575 A green rat stands in Barnstaple yard 27/3/72 D335 S 968003 Ex D8203 in Finsbury Park carriage sidings 21/7/71 D336 3/4F 5069 In between turns at Haymarket 26/8/73 D337 3/4F 50031 Under the roof at Templemeads 19/6/78 D338 3/4F D6553 Soaks up the sun in platform five, Templemeads 12/7/69 D339 3/4F 40083 Arrives at Lincoln with the 09.45 Yarmouth-Newcastle 21/8/76 D340 3/4F 9020 Leaves Kings Cross on the Flying Scotsman with St Pancras inthe background 12/5/71 D341 3/4F D6546 At Keynsham with the 16.45 Cardiff-Portsmouth 31/8/68 D342 3/4F DMU Three DMU cars at Templemeads displaying green, blue and Blue and white liveries on the 13.23 Portsmouth-Cardiff 19/8/67 D343 3/4F D122 Green class 45 at Bitton on maroon coaches. Nice signal 3/8/64 D344 3/4F D124 The driver waits the right away at Bath Green Park 12/3/65 D345 3/4F D1022 Passes Saltford with a Paddington-Bristol train 5/4/69 D346 3/4F D1012 Heads the deal line with four Westerns and ten class 24 awaitingtheir fate at Swindon 5/8/77 D347 3/4F 47256 One of the last green 45’s moves of Bristol Bath Road 1/4/76 D348 3/4F DMU Green cross-country set at Oldfield Park, Bristol on the 08.35 Cardiff-Portsmouth 12/3/65 D349 3/4F 253017 Single power unit waits to move into Bristol Bath Road shed 17/4/80 D350 3/4F D0280 A dull day but a green Falcon is at Templemeads to head the 09.15 to Paddington 12/2/65 D351 3/4F 20136 The repaint at Crewe is not quite finished yet 19/9/79 D352 3/4F D2985 In between turns at Eastleigh 19/6/69 D353 3/4F D6343 At Swindon having suffered terminal (?) fire damage 1971 D354 3/4F 40103 Awaiting her turn in Crewe works 19/9/77 D355 3/4F D6994 Sits in Severn Tunnel yard, in front of a green Hymek 17/10/70 D356 3/4B 74010 Waits to leave Waterloo, double-heading 9/4/75 D357 3/4F Pullman Driving car unit in for maintenance at Swindon Jun-64 D358 3/4F 40012 Arriving at Sheffield on a Skegness-Manchester train 25/8/84 D359 3/4F 55020 Sidelined at Doncaster, but still with plates 7/5/78 D360 3/4F 55009 A smartly turned out Deltic at Doncaster 22/2/79 D361 3/4F 20011 Moves on shed at Motherwell 3/3/79 D362 3/4F 5068 At St Rollox with accident damage at one end 29/8/72 D363 3/4F 5180 Double heading sister 7625 on a Llanwern steel train from Newport20/3/71 D364 S D2087 The brass bell is the cleanest part of this Taunton loco 16/9/65 D365 3/4F D1028 Heads up Westerns 57, 64, 25 and 12 on the Swindon dump 27/2/77 D366 3/4F D1027 On a London bound train at Bath 8/6/70 D367 3/4F D1010 Arriving at Templemeads on a Carlisle bound freight 8/4/76 D368 3/4F 46026 Glinting in the evening sun at Bristol Bath Road 5/11/74 D369 3/4F 5332 At Achnahseen with the 17.40 from Inverness crossing sister 5344 On the 17.50 from Kyle 28/8/73 D370 3/4F 5632 Moves into a patch of Liverpool St sunshine with empty stock 10/5/72 D371 3/4F 40019 Has arrived at Llandudno Jc with the 16.57 failed DMU from Llandudno 18/8/81 D372 3/4F 24076 With sister 24044 awaiting the torch at Swindon 17/11/76 D373 3/4F D63 Crew are in conversation as the class 45 waits in the middle roadat Templemeads 3/6/65 D374 3/4B 55004 Leaving Doncaster on the 08.50 from Aberdeen 19/8/76 D375 3/4F D7000 At Fishponds on the 12.10 Bristol-Bath 5/3/66 D376 3/4F D58 Waits to depart Bath Green Park on the 11.40 Bournemouth to Bristol passenger 8/3/65 D377 3/4F D7043 About to leave Bath MPD with three 8F’s and an Ivatt tank 18/3/66 D378 3/4B 9007 Leaves Kings Cross with the 15.55 northbound 15/10/69 D379 3/4F D6541 Stops at Lawrence Hill with the 14.55 Cardiff-Portsmouth 31/8/68 D380 3/4F 50044 Pauses at Templemeads with the 09.15 Paddington-WSM 4/9/76 D381 3/4F D9555 Shunts around some vans at Coleford Jc, Forest of Dean 1966 D382 3/4F D7100 Shunts the milk factory at Green Grove on the Lampeter line D383 3/4F D1010 Looks like the Western has an argument with a tin of paint stripper. Waiting to leave Penzance on s special Jun 1974 D384 3/4F D2212 This 04 had to be cut up where shed stood in Norwich but for nowher skirts remain intact 10/6/71 D385 3/4F 01002 This Andrew Barclay was a long term resident at Holyhead 24/8/76 D386 3/4B 03152 Swansea bound at Burry Port with sisters 051 and 044 4/4/81 D387 3/4F D2988 Crossing a Southampton street with a rake of vans 2/2/63 D388 3/4F D6327 Stands in an empty yard at Taunton 3/9/63 D389 3/4F D6305 Heads out of Gloucester on the 14.40 to Swindon 15/2/63 D390 3/4B D8230 Out of use at Ipswich with three sisters 10/6/71 D391 3/4F E5004 With sister 22 and E6001 at Stewarts Lane 31/3/62 D392 3/4F D809 Waiting to departs Templemeads on the Devonian 4/5/60 D393 3/4F D6330 Heads County of Wilts at Plymouth on the 06.10 from Penzance1/5/62 D394 S 02004 At Allerton just before the 02 disappeared into industrial use 20/9/75 D395 3/4B D1065 Maroon Western heads green D807 on a Liverpool to Plymouth train at Templemeads 28/5/64 D396 3/4F D110 Sticks out in front of D6329 and D847 at Templemeads 3/8/65 D397 3/4F D808 Oh for some better light as Centaur on the 12.45 down Bristol Pullman overtakes a three-wheeler at Bath 8/2/63 D398 3/4B 11711 A rare shot of this locomotive working in Dundee 19/8/60 D399 3/4F D808 Full yellow ends on two Warships at Bristol Bath Road 22/12/67 D400 S D8595 Anyone for flame cut cabsides? – there’s nothing much else left of this and sister 8596. Shettleston, Glasgow 15/8/69 D401 3/4F D807 Green warship in the rain against Exeter signal gantry 16/4/64 D402 3/4F 812 Moves off in front of unit 7337 at Waterloo 23/9/71 D403 S 968000 Snouts fill the frame of this and 968003, Holloway 27/8/75 D404 3/4F 27001 At Manchester Piccadilly on the 15.10 to Sheffield 19/8/66 D405 3/4F No less than 15 Metrovicks and Claytons at Kingmoor 21/8/69 D406 3/4B DMU This Derby lightweight heads past Bullgill for Carlisle 26/7/68 D407 3/4F DMU This class 120 arrives at Kings Cross from Gordon Hill 4/11/76 D408 3/4F D9502 Sits in Cinderford station on the daily freight 27/4/67 D409 3/4F D9502 More brake vans than trucks as she passes Ruspidge Halt 27/4/67 D410 3/4F D9502 Will this class 14 fit into Cinderford goods shed? 27/4/67 D411 3/4F D7100 Last rays of sun at Gloucester hit this odd consist of vans 27/11/65 D412 3/4F D12 An odd canopy at Ashchurch as the class 45 passes 21/6/67 D413 3/4F D9555 Passes the diminutive signal box at Coleford Jc 24/6/67 D414 3/4F D9555 Passes under the loading point at Whitecliff Quarry 26/4/67 D415 3/4F 79993 Railbus and coal wagons in Alloa yard D416 3/4F D45 Nice and clean standing in Derby yard 24/9/61 D417 3/4B Pullman On a trial working prior to starting the South Wales Pullman service. Shot at Swindon 7/9/61 D418 3/4F D2185 No hurry at Highworth as the driver chats to a bystander 7/9/61 D419 3/4F Pullman The Bristol Pullman sweeps through Uffington 7/9/61 D420 3/4F D7042 A great discussion on a rain-soaked Westbury platform 15/7/63 D421 3/4F 29156 This three car EMU is straight out of the box at Horwich 13/10/63 D422 3/4B D8216 Passing through Witham on a freight 20/7/63 D423 3/4F D804 Arrives at Paddington on the Torbay express 24/7/63


S1 3/4F 33 Heads the 15.10 Ryde-Shanklin at Sandown. Overcast 9/7/66 S2 3/4F 24 Heads the 12.10 Ryde-Shanklin at Ryde Esplanade. Some old buses in the background. Overcast 9/7/66 S3 3/4F 20 Heading inland over Ryde Pier 9/7/66 S5 3/4F 33/24 Waiting to leave Ryde Pier. Overcast 12/7/66 S6 S 30053 Outside Eastleigh works 19/2/67 S7 3/4F DS233 In Eastleigh shed yard. Overcast 19/2/67 S8 3/4F 27 Running round her train at Ventnor, signal box in the background 21/10/65 S9 3/4F 30053 Outside Eastleigh works 19/2/67 S12 3/4F 34093 On Eastleigh shed, quite smart. Overcast 4/6/67 S13 3/4F 30067 At Bath en route for a scrapyard somewhere 26/2/68 S14 3/4B 34057 Sandbox being filled on Bath Green Park shed 5/3/66 S15 3/4F 34006 Last day railtour with 34057 on Devonshire bank 5/3/66 S16 3/4F 34006 Similar view to S15 S17 3/4F 34057 On Bath Green Park shed, sparkling 5/3/66 S20 S 33020 At Bath, awaiting removal for scrap. An interesting car in the foreground 30/3/66 S22 3/4B 30053 Outside Eastleigh works 19/2/67 S23 3/4F 28 Heading towards land from Ryde Pier 3/10/65 S25 S 30069 In Keynsham yard en route to a scrapyard 28/2/68 S26 3/4F 31791 In Watermoor station, Cirencester on the last public train from Cheltenham. A woman hurries across the crossing 9/9/61 S27 3/4F 34037 Flanked on both sides by green and blue EMU’s, the Pacific leaves Waterloo on the Holland America Line boat train 8/7/67 S28 3/4F 35028 Last day of steam special at Southampton 2/7/67 S29 3/4F 31846 Shunting behind the signal box at Bude 8/64 S30 3/4F 34059 Stands, immaculate, outside Salisbury shed 12/9/65 S31 3/4B 34033 In a line of condemned locos heading north at Westbury 31/3/66 S32 3/4F 30586 Shunting in Wadebridge yard 21/5/60 S33 3/4F 30584 Departs the bay at Axminster with her train for Lyme Regis 8/7/60 S34 3/4F 30840 Heads a tanker train at Pirbright 6/63 S35 3/4F 34008 At United Wagon Co, Newport for breaking up 11/8/68 S36 3/4F W20/W29 The sun is just starting to rise but has not reached these two on Ryde shed 20/9/64 S37 3/4F 31875 Stands at Plymouth with the 16.52 to Exeter 27/6/63 S38 3/4F 34081 At Exeter with the North Devon portion of the 15.00 ex Waterloo. Bright green panels on the side of an otherwise filthy engine hide the results of a fire? 30/5/63 S39 3/4F 35010 At Salisbury with the 18.00 Waterloo – Plymouth 8/8/62 S40 3/4F W22 Waits to leave Ryde Esplanade on the 08.40 to Ventnor 24/9/64 S41 H 31836 Passes Cowley Bridge signal box with a ballast train from Meldon 17/5/63 S42 3/4F 31855 Moves down Exmouth Jc yard to pick up a freight 1/5/62 S43 3/4F 30338 At Exeter St Davids with the 15.13 from Padstow 6/7/60 S44 3/4F 34033 Against a black sky the dirty West Country waits to leave Exeter St Davids 4/5/60 S45 3/4B 30451 Clean H15 waiting to leave Yeovil Jc 30/6/61 S46 3/4B 30071 Stands with a smart looking 30073 in front of Southampton Docks shed 19/6/65 S47 3/4B W35 Leaving Ryde Esplanade for the pier, in front of a large brewery sign 9/7/66 S48 3/4F 34004 Yeovil inside the shed at Bournemouth 19/2/67 S49 3/4F 34059 On shed at Salisbury, looking smart 12/9/65 S50 3/4F 34006 Surrounded in smoke and steam the Pacific pulls out of Bournemouth 6/3/66 S51 3/4B W27 Waits to depart Shanklin 6/7/66 S52 3/4F W33 Coasts into Shanklin station 6/7/66 S53 3/4F 34087 Stands on Weymouth shed 4/6/67 S54 3/4F 35007 Rods off, under repair at Weymouth 26/3/66 S55 3/4F 35007 The other side of S54 – rods on! 26/3/66 S56 3/4F 35011 Steam Navigation departs Bournemouth on the Royal Wessex 7/63 S57 3/4F W16 A dull day but a more unusual shot looking down on Ventnor station from above the tunnel June 1963 S58 3/4F W24 Stands alongside W26 about to leave Newport Apr 1962 S59 3/4F 34013 Okehampton in classic pose outside Bournemouth shed Jun 1967 S60 3/4F 30071 A very grubby USA tank on Eastleigh shed, in steam 12/3/67 S61 3/4F 31620 Leaving Cheltenham St James on the 13.52 to Andover 15/2/60 S62 3/4B 24 The smart 02 leaves Cowes for Newport 3/10/65 S63 3/4B 34026 Yes Tor stands on the coaling plant at Salisbury 28/2/65 S64 S 563 Gleaming in oily green, at Brighton 13/4/58 S65 3/4F 32424 Heads an RCTS special at Newhaven Town 13/4/58 S66 3/4F 35012 United States Lines in ex-works condition at Eastleigh 18/4/64 S67 3/4F 34087 145 Squadron without her nameplates, at Eastleigh S68 3/4F 31914 Amongst the scrap in Cohen’s yard, Kettering 1965 S69 3/4F W21 Leaves Ryde with the 18.42 to Ventnor S70 3/4F 31803 Dirty U pilots clean N 31411 at Rowfant on a special 13/6/65 S71 3/4F 34079 Dirty 141 Squadron hurries through Brookwood on the 13.30 Waterloo Weymouth 16/10/65 S72 3/4F 31862 At Dorking Town on the 11.35 Redhill Guildford 16/5/64 S73 3/4B 34056 Croydon restarts her train, the 12.58 Salisbury to Waterloo, from Whitchurch North 9/5/64 S74 3/4F 34087 145 Squadron on the up Channel Islands boat train at Poole 27/7/63 S75 S 32670 Resting on Newhaven shed 7/10/62 S76 3/4F 32650 Crossing the bridge to Hayling Island 8/9/62 S77 3/4F 35009 Restarts the 15.00 from Waterloo at Basingstoke 26/8/62 S78 3/4F 34102 Lapford passes through Basingstoke on a Birkenhead Bournemouth train 26/8/62 S79 3/4F 33006 Pauses at Totton on a LCGB special 19/3/66 S80 3/4F 34104 Bere Alston passes through Micheldever on a special 23/4/62 S81 3/4F 30935 Sevenoaks looks out of use at Ashford 28/8/60 S82 3/4F 34038 Lynton backs her train out of Padstow station 21/7/60 S83 S 34038 Now on Padstow turntable, the sea as a backdrop 21/7/60 S84 3/4F 30729 Waits to leave Padstow station 21/7/60 S85 3/4F 30028 Prepares to leave Farnborough North on a REC tour 15/10/60 S86 3/4F 32636 On the Hayling Island farewell tour 3/11/63 S87 3/4F 30512 Waits at Fratton to take over a special 3/11/63 S88 3/4F 31791 Leaving Havant on a LCGB tour 3/11/63 S89 3/4F 33006 White rods, white buffers, at Eastleigh 19/3/66 S90 3/4F 30073 Sister 64 is shrouded in steam at Marchwood 19/3/66


M2 W13285 In the middle road at Bath station. Overcast 21/4/66 M3 Station Buildings, signal box, gates and one track still left at Walmley 30/5/72 M4 Shed Bath Green Park shed upon closure. 3681, 41206, 41307 in view. Overcast 7/3/66 M5 Station The rails are rusty at Bath Green Park. 26/5/66 M6 Station Interior shot with tracks at Templemeads Old station 11/65 M12 W80300 Royal Mail Coach at Plymouth Overcast 10/7/69 M13 Station The overgrown branch platform, with tracks at Huntingdon East 1964 M16 Station 31791 in the distance approaches Cirencester Watermoor with the last train from Cheltenham 9/9/61 M18 Station DMU waits at Yatton on the 16.30 to Clevedon on the last day. 1/10/66 M23 Station Thrapston after closure, but tracks still in. Overcast 3/10/65 M27 Station The street frontage of Broad Street Station with an RM bus 22/3/80 M28 Station/Shed 57587 stands on Thurso shed while 54482 sits in the station amongst much rolling stock 22/8/60 M29 Station A smashing scene at Torrington with a Bedford Duple coach, Royal Mail van and posters on the wall 10/7/64 M30 Locos L96 and L95 stand outside Neasden shed 3/6/67 M31 Signal Box At the end of Maesycrugiau station platform M32 Tramway Loco and train returns to the mainland on the Hythe Pier Railway 14/8/65 M33 Station Exterior of Ventnor station with an old Zephyr in view M34 Signal Box The wonderful overhead box at Gloucester Barton Street Crossing 26/5/68 M35 Shed Radyr shed with 9675, 6661, 9780 16/5/65 M36 Accident Two cranes set about righting derailed freight wagons while a Type 4 sits amongst the wreckage at Ashchurch 4/5/68 M37 Coach Camping coach in the siding at Borth while 7827 disappears into the distance with a freight 9/6/65 M38 Quarry A very large drag machine at Buckminster 6/6/72 M39 Coach M20760, a second brake in Cohens, Kettering for cutting up 30/5/65 M40 Yard Is this really Swindon? A line up of no less than six V2 2-6-2’s 25/10/64 M41 Station The 17.10 from Wolverhampton is just leaving Admaston Halt M42 Station The street frontage of Bath Green Park just before closure 12/9/63 M43 Shed Gathered around Bath Green Park turntable are a WR 0-6-0, LMR 4P, LMR 2-6-2T and Std 2-6-2T 5/7/61 M44 Signal Box Eight years after closure a rather derelict box and open tunnel entrance atVentnor 2/3/74 M45 Signal Box A super shot of Gypsy Hill LBSCR box 19/4/69 M46 Station Bassenthwaite Lake, including signal box with name board, gates, track and station 1967 M47 Station A DMU approaches Whitley Bay station, signal box in the corner 16/8/75 M48 Signals An unusual view looking from the brake van of the empty coal train from Cinderford over the class 14 diesel to the Bullo Pill Jc home signals M49 Railcar Ex-Donegal railcar 19 arrives at St Johns IOM 1/9/65 M50 Tramway The pier tram sits at the buffer stops at Esplanade 3/10/65 M51 Station Mildmay Park station festooned with adverts. North London Railway station closed in 1934 2/7/84 M52 Station The 09.15 from Portishead arrives at Clifton Bridge on the last day of the service 5/9/64 M53 Station Locals watch as the 15.28 Witham-Bristol leaves Winscombe 7/9/63 M54 Bus/Ship A Minns Tour coach inches off the ferry at Freshwater Jun 1962 M55 Tramway Car 259 on Blackpool South Shore 23/10/65 M56 Signal Box Passenger services past the LNW/GWR Abersychan & Talywain box ended in 1941 M57 Station View overlooking buildings and platforms at Saltford 28/4/62 M58 Station Looking through the gates onto Barnstaple signal box and platform 9/11/82 M59 Station An empty Alton Towers station 15/5/65 M60 Station Buildings and platforms at North Seaton, on the Newbiggin line, closed 1964 M61 Shed Early Sunday morning at Stoke with 44354 and a class 5 5/8/62 M62 Station Tewkesbury up platform photographed on the last day of service 12/8/61 M63 Station With a mid-day train waiting to leave Upton-on-Severn 12/8/61 M64 Station A westward view at Uffington with the signal box prominent 7/9/61 M65 Station Cirencester with a railbus in the platform 7/9/61 M66 Station A closer view of that railbus parked at Cirencester buffer stops 7/9/61 M67 Yard A general view of Malmesbury with a pannier shunting 8/9/61 M68 Signal Box Gwaun-cae-Gurwen looks nothing like this today 25/3/61 M69 Station A prairie tank and two coaches drifts into Andoversford 13/10/62 M70 Signal Box Frome North, controlling the branch from Radstock 24/2/62 M71 Station Cefn Coed viewed from a Pontsticill Merthy train 9/11/61 M72 Station A lovely overall roof and bracket signal at Tadcaster 27/9/63 M73 Location A distant shot of an SLS special standing in Garnant station with all the signals, level crossing, track etc 21/9/63 M74 Station An Aberdeen DMU in the station, with a huge nameboard 13/6/60 M75 Station A DMU arrives at Lumphanan while the signal box and passing freight just get in view 13/6/60 M76 Station A view of rarely photographed Newent box and station 2/11/63 M77 Station Looking north through Newent to something shunting in the yard 2/11/63 M78 Station Dymock station is already fenced off 2/11/63 M79 Line A rural shot of 44123 on a freight at Nailsworth 1/11/63 M80 Station Evesham, while a pannier lurks in the corner 14/6/63 M81 Signal Box Evesham, with signal and freight yard behind 14/6/63 M82 Yard A general view of Birstwith yard, old car, station hotel. 42409 with special stands in the background 19/10/63 M83 Yard Coal wagons stand on the Dacre coal drops 19/10/63 M84 Yard Bethesda empty goods yard invaded by enthusiasts 20/10/63 M85 Signal Box No less than three boxes in this view of Highbridge 15/7/63 M86 Station Dullish, but overall view of Yeovil Jc station and shed 15/7/63 M87 Line Looking north from Ilfracombe station as a train climbs the bank 12/7/63 M88 Station A panoramic view of Ifracombe with a train waiting to leave 13/7/63 M89 Station Looking east with Axminster signal box and station 18/7/63 M90 Signal Box A close up view of Alton Towers NSR box 6/9/63 M91 Signal A NER slotted signal at Tyne Dock, shunting 0-8-0 in the background 28/9/63 M92 Station An exterior view of Leek station 10/9/63 M93 Station Gilnockie station closed in 1964 Aug-63 M94 Station Canonbie station closed in 1964 Aug-63 M95 Station With 9678 on a special train at Colbren Jc 21/11/64 M96 Station No trains…no people…at Bishops Auckland 30/9/63 M97 Station A DMU arrives at Bourne End 20/7/63 M98 Signal Box A different view of Reedsmouth box, now turned into a house 9/11/63 M99 Station Withernsea with a waiting Hull train 8/11/63 M100 Station Hornsea with another waiting DMU 8/11/63 M101 Station A nice view of the exterior of Bridlington station 8/11/63 M102 Station A sunny view of the interior of the Bridlington station 8/11/63 M103 Station Station view at Tunbridge Wells Central 21/12/63 M104 Signal Box At the south end of Mallaig station Sep-66 M105 Bus 236, one of the last Derby trolley buses 24/7/66 M106 Signal Box One of the larger boxes at Salisbury 19/3/66 M107 Station A DMU waits to leave St Albans Abbey Aug-63 M108 Station St Coombs - as far as you can go in this part of Scotland Aug-63 M109 Station Class 24 waits to leave Aberfeldy Aug-63 M110 Station Platform buildings and passing trains at Maud Jc Aug-63 M111 Station A pair of class 24’s idle away in Perth station Aug-63 M112 Station Riddings Jc, including the signal box Aug-63 M113 Signal Box With the signalman posing at the top of Macclesfield Moss steps 20/10/62 M114 Station A wet day at Cardigan 27/10/62 M115 Scene Llandysill with a pannier pottering about 26/10/62 M116 Station A pannier shunts Aberayron yard 26/10/62 M117 Signal Box An all white box, Andoversford on the last box 13/10/62 M118 Scene Machynlleth station, shed, goods yard, passing DMU’s Jun-66 M119 Tramway Car 3 on emergency standby duties at Bispham 23/10/65


G2 3/4F 1432 Departing Oswestry on a branch train with 46505 in the station behind. Looks like early morning. Faint sun 3/61 G3 S 66xx Resting between shunts, overcast 14/9/65 G4 3/4F 9729 Heads the 08.00 West Depot-Canons Marsh past some nice signals at Ashton Gate Swing Bridge. 16/7/63 G6 3/4F 5041 Just leaving Templemeads on the 11.45 to Paddington. Spotters on the platform 18/4/60 G7 3/4B 6863 Still looks reasonable but the cutters torch awaits at Cohens scrapyard, Kettering. Faint sunshine 6/3/66 G8 3/4F 6656 Awaits cutting up at Cohen’s scrap yard, Kettering G9 3/4B 6670 Bunker first with an Easter Monday train to WSM 18/4/60 G11 3/4F 6876 Very smart coming off Bath Road shed plus 5087 and 4626. Overcast 6/8/60 G12 3/4F 6931 Arrives at Templemeads with the 16.33 from Salisbury. 3/5/63 G13 3/4F 4947 Heads the 12.16 from Salisbury through Bathampton 20/4/60 G14 3/4F 5056 Heads the 12.18 ex Salisbury in the snow at Poultney Gardens, Bath 9/1/63 G15 3/4F 6106 Heads the 07.15 ex Swindon in bright sun at Templemeads 4/11/63 G16 3/4F 5049 Heads the 08.00 Plymouth-Liverpool at Templemeads. Dullish 18/4/60 G17 3/4F 7927 Arrives at Dr Days Jc Bristol with empty coaching stock from Weston Super Mare. Lots of smoke in this early morning shot. 1962 G18 3/4F 6912 Heads the 17.00 Bristol-Portsmouth at Bathwick Terrace passing 92216 on an oil train. Bath in the background. 13/9/62 G19 3/4F 7242 Heads a Rogerstone-Salisbury goods at Oldfield Park, Bristol 7/3/60 Headboard. Overcast 9/8/62 G20 3/4F 7026 Heads the 08.55 Wolv-Penz (Cornishman) past Barrow Road shed, Bristol. G21 3/4F 6847 Heads the 12.20 Paignton-Cardiff at Templemeads. 24/8/63 G22 3/4F 7823 Heads the 12.18 Salisbury-Bristol past Sydney Gardens, Bath, standing in for a Hymek. 25/2/63 G24 3/4F 1027 Another view of No.23 9/2/60 G27 3/4F 4647 Heads the two coach q5.35 ex Bristol through Keynsham Overcast 17/6/61 G28 3/4F 4706 Leaves a nice white trail as she heads a freight bound for Westbury through Keynsham 24/12/62 G32 3/4F 5043 Heads the 16.33 Salisbury-Bristol on the last day of steam at Keynsham. 15/6/63 G33 3/4F 5008 Heads the 12.00 Bristol-Paddington over the troughs at Foxes Wood. 10/9/60 G35 3/4B 4619 Bunker first with 5771 on a transfer freight to Bristol at Keynsham 14/2/61 G36 3/4F 5023 Heads the 09.05 Paddington-Bristol at Keynsham 14/2/61 G42 S 3681 Pilot duties at Bath Green Park. Someone has stolen the cabside! 30/12/65 G43 3/4B 6412 The autocar leads with the approaching 11.20 from Chalford at Cashes Green Halt. Allotments on the trackside. 31/10/64 G44 3/4F 6412 At Ebley Crossing Halt on the 10.20 Chalford auto. A rarely photographed location. Faint sun 31/10/64 G45 3/4F 1458 At Cashes Green Halt on the 11.20 Chalford auto. Smashing shot with passengers on the platform. 31/10/64 G46 3/4F 1453 Arrived at Berkeley Road with the 08.15 from Sharpness and waits to run round. Dull 31/10/64 G47 3/4B 1453 Arrived at Berkeley Road with the 08.15 from Sharpness and waits to run round. Dull 31/10/64 G48 3/4F 6412 At Cashes Green Halt on the 11.30 auto from Chalford. A rarely photographed location. 31/10/64 G49 3/4F 6000 Arrives at Templemeads with the 14.35 ex Weston, Bristolian stock. 28/7/62 G51 3/4F 4163 Stands at Templemeads on a freight Overcast 16/3/63 G53 3/4F 6847 Stands under the Templemeads roof alongside D155. Dull 24/8/63 G54 3/4F 6106 Basks in the sun at Templemeads on the 07.15 from Swindon 4/11/60 G55 3/4B 6106 Glints in the sun at Templemeads on the 07.15 from Swindon 4/11/60 G56 3/4F 6844 Ex-works arrives at Templemeads with the 16.03 from Swindon. Saturday only running in turn 24/8/61 G57 3/4F 9601 Arrives at Templemeads on the 15.28 ex Witham 23/4/62 G58 3/4F 6601 Heads a Bank Holiday special at Templemeads to Weston Overcast 1/8/60 G62 3/4F 7023 Heads a Home Counties Rly Soc Tour on the four-track near Gloucester 7/6/64 G63 3/4F 7808 Pauses briefly at Stroud with the 13.03 Saturdays only Gloucester to Swindon 6/65 G64 3/4B 7808 Departs Stroud past the GWR goods shed, the signal box and a tank shunting the yard. Lots of interest 6/65 G65 3/4F 7000 Swindon bound at Bowbridge Halt with the up Cheltenham Spa Express, with headboard 2/6/62 G66 3/4F 1409 On the Gloucester to Chalford auto at Bowbridge Halt 2/6/62 G67 3/4F 7014 On a Wolverhampton to Paignton express at Stonehouse 7/62 G68 3/4F 5000 A little gloomy but passing a classic GW tin hut with a Paddington – Cheltenham Train at Downfield Halt 7/62 G69 3/4F 4701 Shorn of plates awaiting the cutters torch at Sharpness 8/64 G70 3/4F 1453 Pausing at Stroud with a Gloucester-Chalford autotrain 6/63 G71 3/4F 6993 Lays down a smoke trail at Downfield Halt on a Weymouth excursion 5/63 G72 3/4F 1472 At Downfield Halt with a Chalford-Gloucester autotrain 5/63 G73 3/4F 5073 Shunts vans at Templemeads while a Warship lurks in the background 16/4/63 G74 3/4F 4104 An interloper at Stroud on a Gloucester-Chalford auto 3/63 G75 3/4B 7244 Drifts down to Standish Jc from Stonehouse on a freight 9/62 G76 3/4F 7034 In the last week of regular steam at Ebley (Stroud) working the 12.15 Gloucester- Paddington 9/62 G77 3/4F 1409 At Downfield Halt on a Gloucester-Chalford auto 10/62 G78 3/4F 6147 On Bristol Bath Road shed, grubby, but ready to go 13/8/63 G79 S 4700 Withdrawn at St Phillips Marsh, Bristol 13/8/63 G80 3/4F 1626 Dumped with 8729 out the back of Lydney shed 5/8/63 G81 3/4F 7816 Moving off the Oxford turntable with 7927 in tow. Both very grubby 13/6/65 G82 3/4F 6910 At the front of Oxford shed 13/6/65 G83 3/4F 4701 Next in line for cutting up at Sharpness 6/6/65 G84 3/4F 1472 Lays down a smoke trail leaving Standish Junction for Stonehouse 4/7/64 G85 3/4F 4985 Leaving Standish Junction on an east bound freight 4/7/64 G86 3/4F 5978 With cut away boiler and no cab – Sharpness 16/7/64 G87 3/4F 1006 Awaits cutting up at Sharpness along with sister 1027 27/6/64 G88 3/4F 1027 Awaits cutting up at Sharpness along with sister 1006 27/6/64 G89 3/4F 6967 On the coaling stage at Oxford 13/6/65 G90 S 1502 Shunting the NCB yard at Coventry Colliery G91 3/4B 5541 Backs a Falmouth train out of Truro station, shed and signal box in the background 29/6/60 G92 3/4B 3679 Leaves Exeter Central on the 08.50 to Exmouth 7/7/60 G93 3/4F 1454 Waiting to leave Gloucester with the 10.08 Chalford auto 15/7/60 G94 3/4F 4955 Spotless, at Newton Abbot on the Torquay portion on the 10.30 Paddington- Exeter, 5153 behind 19/6/62 G95 3/4B 7333 Taking water at Barnstaple Jc along with 4693 4/4/62 G96 3/4F 4932 At Torquay and embedded in the back of a mark one coach, with a trail of derailed coaches behind 25/8/62 G97 3/4F 6430 At Shaugh Bridge as passengers leave the 10.40 from Plymouth 27/8/62 G98 3/4F 1363 Stands at Laira with a sacked over chimney 29/8/62 G99 3/4F 7445 Arrives at Fairford with the 12.18 from Oxford 9/9/61 G100 3/4F 7823 With the down Cambrian Coast Express at Welshpool. An interesting goods yard scene in the background 7/6/62 G101 3/4F 1451 Waits in the bay at Exeter St.Davids with the 07.55 to Dulverton 30/4/63 G102 S 4147 Delicately balanced on two sets of wheels like some unfinished model, Stourbridge Jc 8/6/62 G103 3/4B 3735 A porter chats to a passenger across the tracks at Trowbridge – there’s no hurry for the 17.10 Melksham-Westbury 30/7/64 G104 3/4F 1006 At Penzance with the 12.00 northbound departure 26/10/62 G105 3/4B 9725 Struggles through Kensington Addison Road on a breakdown train 10/10/62 G106 3/4F 6697 On station pilot duties at Cardiff. 7226 in the background 6/10/62 G107 3/4F 4955 At Cardiff with the 10.30 to Portsmouth 6/10/62 G108 3/4F 6137 At Over Jc, Gloucester with the 10.25 from Hereford. The line to Gloucester Docks on the left and the redundant Newent line to the right 14/4/62 G109 3/4B 4177 With ex-works B3399 struggles along through Cardiff on along freight 6/10/62 G110 3/4F 4666 Takes water on Barnstaple Jc shed, the dilapidated building in the background 10/10/63 G111 3/4F 7800 At Gloucester on the 16.30 Hereford-Cheltenham 6/9/63 G112 3/4F 9630 Coaling up in front of Wellington shed, 9624 behind. Smashing shot 22/8/63 G113 3/4F 6657 Passes an immaculate Western at Cardiff. With a freight. Perhaps the fireman is a fan of the Rolling Stones? 8/8/64 G114 3/4F 6113 A work-a-day 2-6-2T sits in the sun at Gloucester 16/10/65 G115 3/4B 6159 A smart green 2-6-2T sits in Swindon station on two maroon coaches 9/5/64 G116 3/4F 6855 Shorn of nameplates, storming through Hatherley, Cheltenham on the head of a freight 28/1/65 G117 3/4F 6815 Shorn of plates, storming through Hatherley, Cheltenham on a train of containers 4/5/65 G118 3/4F 3738 Outside the back of Tondu shed 29/3/64 G119 3/4F 9675 White chimney cap, buffers and door hinges, at Radyr 16/5/65 G120 3/4F 8482 Heads a line at Duffryn Yard which includes 7405, 4256, 4282, 9779, and 5238 all put out to grass without plates. 28/3/64 G121 3/4B 7204 Plateless and dumped at Duffryn Yard 28/3/64 G122 3/4F 8745 Out of use at Gloucester 29/8/65 G123 3/4F 9425 Stands in Swindon Works with a shunters truck 6/9/64 G124 3/4F 3218 Leaving Axbridge with the 13.10 ex Witham 7/9/63 G125 3/4F 3218 Passing the turntable and signal box at Wells with the 14.45 ex Yatton 7/9/63 G126 3/4F 3218 At Axbridge with the 13.10 ex Witham passing 41245 on the 13.45 ex Yatton 7/9/63 G127 3/4F 5980 Heads the Up midday parcels through Keynsham 7/5/60 G128 3/4F 4918 At Keynsham with the 17.00 Bristol-Portsmouth 7/8/62 G129 3/4F 5063 A close up of this Castle as she backs out of platform 9, Templemeads 28/7/64 G130 3/4F 2244 Looks like rain at Keynsham as the 16.15 Westbury-Henbury stops 19/10/62 G131 3/4F 4920 Arrives at Penzance with the 16.20 from Truro 25/10/62 G132 3/4F 3759 Returning to Gloucester shed from it’s shunting turn 29/8/65 G133 3/4B 1442/50 Sit in the Exmouth sun awaiting some work May 1965 G134 3/4B TVR85 Masquerading as NCB 67 (Durham Area 2) at Swindon Oct 1964 G135 3/4F 1472 Just arrived at Stroud on the auto from Gloucester 1964 G136 3/4F 5063 Earl Baldwin approaches Templemeads Station on the 06.55 Wolverhampton Paignton 8/8/64 G137 3/4B 1338 The little 0-4-0ST stands unloved at Swansea East Docks 8/9/62 G138 3/4B 3812 Piled high with coal at St Phillips Marsh 6/10/62 G139 S 6012 Fresh from the paint shop at Swindon Works G140 3/4F 7029 Arrives at Templemeads off a freight for Open Day duty 3/6/65 G141 3/4F 6946 Heads the 09.32 ex Cardiff at Keynsham 7/7/62 G142 3/4F 2887 With 9663 is sidelined at Keynsham on their way from Taunton For scrap at Newport 20/12/64 G143 3/4F 7805 Departs Keynsham on the 09.20 Portsmouth-Cardiff 16/6/62 G144 3/4B 8403 During shunting operations at Keynsham 23/1/65 G145 3/4F 4951 At Keynsham on the 08.43 Swindon-Weston passenger 10/7/63 G146 3/4B 3218 At Cheddar, tender first on the 14.45 ex Yatton. Last day 7/9/63 G147 3/4F 5532 At Bristol Sandy Park on the 14.53 to Radstock G148 3/4B 3681 Bath station pilot on shed two days after it officially closed 7/3/66 G149 3/4F 4977 Grimy Watcombe Hall passes an up parcels headed by 5924 Dinton Hall at Bath 14/3/62 G150 3/4F 6011 Stirring the cobwebs leaving Bath on an up parcels 19/12/62 G151 3/4F 7803 Looks fresh from the shops at Swindon 27/10/63 G152 3/4F 4970 Sketty Hall restarts the 08.17 Bristol Portsmouth at Keynsham 29/8/62 G153 3/4F 6851 Raising the echoes at Snow Hill with a long freight 23/3/63 G154 3/4F 6016 Just arrived at Plymouth on the 05.20 from Paddington 19/5/60 G155 3/4F 6111 Dull, but the last day of service at Andoversford 13/10/62 G156 3/4F 5417 On the ash road at Banbury in front of WD 90483 1/10/59 G157 3/4B 7304 Looking down on this 2-6-0 on the Ifracombe turntable 21/7/62 G158 3/4F 6808 Arriving at Plymouth on the Mayflower 31/8/62 G159 3/4F 6438 A lovely country scene at Clearbrook on the 14.10 ex Plymouth 27/8/62 G160 3/4F 2246 A shot at Stratford with lots of interest 12/10/63 G161 3/4F 4591 A fitter at work at Laira. Is that his motorbike nearby? 29/8/62 G162 3/4F 7029 Passing Laira with the 09.55 Saltash Goodrington 29/8/62 G163 S 6368 Lots of cars and a bus as backdrop in the interesting shot at Stratford 12/10/63 G164 3/4F 4574 Arrives at Clearbrook with the 15.05 from Plymouth G165 3/4F 3621 On an inspection train waiting at Carmarthen 7/11/62 G166 H 5092 Last rays of sun hit Tresco Abbey at Salisbury on a Cardiff train 8/3/62 G167 3/4F 3759 A nice yard scene at Cheltenham with a pannier and D3993 27/8/65 G168 3/4F 4698 Drifts through Milkwall with the local freight from Coleford 18/8/65 G169 3/4F 7022 Looking smart in front of Swindon shed 9/5/64 G170 3/4F 1472 Propelling the 15.10 auto from Chalford to Gloucester passing Chalford Junction 1/8/64 G171 3/4F 4593 At Yeovil Town with the 12.37 to Taunton. Last Day 13/6/64 G172 3/4F 6818 Hardwick Grange awaits a washout at Llanelly 17/4/60 G173 3/4F 4149 At Reading with the 12.45 from Oxford 2/9/62 G174 3/4B A little dull but a rare shot of a pannier at North Rhondda Halt 2/7/60 G175 H 1626 At Old Beam North against a back drop of chimneys 20/7/60 G176 H 4552 Bringing a freight past Moorswater shed 19/7/60 G177 S 3709 At Truro with a large spark arrester 21/7/60 G178 3/4B 6111 On a REC special at Chipping Norton, people all over the track 14/9/63 G179 3/4F 6111 Running round her special at Bicester 14/9/63 G180 3/4B 6111 Pauses by the gates and signal box at Long Marston 14/9/63 G181 3/4B 6111 Ready to leave Chipping Norton on her special 14/9/63 G182 3/4F 7435 Ready to leave Coaley Jc on the 12.00 to Dursley 10/2/62 G183 H 7435 Just arrived at Dursley on the 12.00 from Coaley Jc 10/2/62 G184 3/4F 9628 Leaking steam at Shepton Mallet on a Frome Yatton train 24/2/62 G185 3/4F 5015 On the through lines at Swindon with the up Capitals United 7/9/61 G186 3/4F 3745 At Evesham with the 12.24 to Ashchurch 14/6/63 G187 3/4F 6906 Waits at Oxley Sidings with a freight 22/6/63 G188 3/4F 2204 Waits at Highbridge in the S&D platforms 17/7/63


B1 3/4F 92006 On Normanton shed, blue smokebox plate. Faint sunshine 20/3/65 B2 3/4F 82039 Arrives at Templemeads with a trip freight 10/3/64 B3 3/4F 82004 Taking water at Templemeads. 31/7/65 B5 3/4F 92224 At Templemeads heading the 11.15 Paddington-WSM, the down Merchant Venturer. Faint sunshine 19/7/60 B7 3/4F 76051 Poses in the sun at Harston Sidings, with a guards van 4/6/66 B8 3/4F 70015 On Wakefield shed, nameplates gone, but clean Overcast 9/4/67 B10 3/4F 76069 Looking sad against the green Warship behind, at Weymouth Overcast 4/6/67 B11 S 73159 In Llandudno shed yard looking smart. 12/6/66 B12 3/4F 92123 In Kettering shed yard, rusty wheels. Overcast 13/12/64 B14 3/4F 90680 In Low Moor shed yard, fitted with a snowplough Overcast 4/7/65 B15 3/4F 80043 Calls at Radstock North with the 07.00 from Templecombe on the last day. leaking lots of steam 5/3/66 B16 3/4F 80043 Calls at Binegar with the 07.00 from Templecombe on the last day. 5/3/66 B17 3/4F 80043 Heads three coaches at Devonshire Bank with the 16.25 Bath-Templecombe on the last day. 5/3/66 B18 S 92223 Light engine crosses over the GWR on it’s way to Highbridge 1/1/66 B19 3/4B 80043 At Bath Green Park looking smart unlike sisters 80041/80037 11/3/66 B20 3/4F 73020 Passing through Keynsham with the 13.05 Bristol-Weymouth 22/8/64 B21 3/4F 73042 The Saturdays only 12.45 Bristol-Weymouth runs over Foxes Wood troughs 10/9/60 B22 3/4F 70045 The driver checks the headlamp before departing Templemeads with the 08.00 Wolverhampton-Ilfracombe. Lots of spotters 7/8/65 B24 3/4B 78001 Tender first pausing at Dudbridge with the Nailsworth freight, overcast 30/7/65 B25 3/4F 82040 Waiting to leave Templemeads with the 17.20 to Wells. Faint sunshine 20/6/62 B27 3/4F 70013 With 44871 these two gleaming locos return to Manchester Victoria station after turning at Cheetham sidings. A class 45 in the background. 4/8/68 B28 S 82036 Moves out of the coal yard at Stonehouse Bristol Road on the MR route to Nailsworth – a rare shot 21/7/63 B29 3/4F 82036 At Stroud with a RCTS special on the Nailsworth branch 21/7/63 B30 3/4F 82036 Standing in the Nailsworth branch platform at Stonehouse Bristol Road on a RCTS special 21/7/63 B31 3/4B 82004 Shunts SR stock into the Brunel trainshed at Templemeads – a cracker! 16/4/63 B32 3/4F 92234 A general yard scene at Oxford 13/6/65 B33 3/4F 82004 Moving light through Templemeads station 16/4/63 B34 3/4B 78005 At Lightpill, drifting down the Nailsworth branch with a brakevan 5/63 B35 3/4F 80038 Standing in Launceston while parcels are loaded. Signal arm in top left 8/64 B36 3/4F 82039 Drifts along near Stroud with a Gloucester-Swindon local 5/6/65 B37 3/4B 82036 Leaves Stonehouse Bristol Road for Gloucester with a RCTS special 21/7/63 B38 F 75xxx Shot from the brake van of a freight on Campden bank as the 4-6-0 drops off from banking duties B39 3/4F 82044 Starts away from Milverton with the 16.20 Taunton-Barnstaple 30/4/64 B40 3/4F 92226 At Bath Green Park on the 13.10 to Templecombe alongside D7005 on the 14.00 to Bristol 8/6/64 B41 3/4F 78006 Shunting in the yard at Dursley on a rather dull day 30/7/65 B42 3/4F 73069 Looking smart in plain black at Manchester Victoria 4/8/68 B43 3/4B 90385 Almost ex-works at Wakefield – a clean WD! 4/7/65 B44 3/4F 92234 Coasts southbound through Cheltenham Malvern Road on a freight 17/7/65 B45 3/4B 80147 Shunting a rake of maroon stock at Bath Green Park 24/3/65 B46 3/4F 82041 Standing in for a diesel at Bath Green Park on the 11.45 Bournemouth West to Bristol 18/8/65 B47 3/4F 80019 Coasts into Tunbridge Wells West with the 07.59 ex Eastbourne 25/9/64 B48 3/4F 80144 Stands in Guildford station with the 13.50 from Reading, a smashing view 25/9/64 B49 3/4F 76014 Departing Bath Green Park with the 12.00 Templecombe-Bristol passing the nose of D88 20/10/65 B50 3/4F 92237 On a misty day the grimy 9F struggles through Swindon with a freight 21/2/65 B51 3/4B 90647 It looks like the end of the road for the rusty WD at March 24/1/65 B52 3/4F 92007 Heads past Hatherley, Cheltenham on a tanker train 28/1/65 B53 3/4F 73020 A nice portrait on the ash road at Bournemouth 2/7/67 B54 3/4B 70053 A pleasant shot looking down on the departing Brittania at Cheltenham Malvern Road 24/7/65 B55 3/4F 92234 Coasts by Hatherley, Cheltenham with iron ore empties 4/9/65 B56 3/4F 73128 Plenty of rust but still in steam at Patricroft 10/9/66 B57 3/4F 75075 Looking rusty, but in steam at Bournemouth 19/2/67 B58 3/4F 92237 Heads through Keynsham with the 09.06 Cardiff-Portsmouth 4/8/62 B59 S 73117 Vivien sits in the sun at Salisbury 29/8/64 B60 3/4F 70053 Anxious to depart southbound from Cheltenham Malvern Road 24/7/65 B61 3/4F 73069 Heads a Brittania on the front of Carnforth shed 2/8/68 B62 3/4F 75030 Rusty wheels on this ex-works class 4 at Eastleigh 12/9/65 B63 3/4F 82027 Leaves Corfe Castle heading for Wareham May 1964 B64 3/4B 73093 Standing on Bournemouth ashpits Jun 1967 B65 3/4B 73040 Smart 4-6-0 waiting her next turn from Bolton 17/3/68 B66 3/4F 70020 Mercury standing at Peterborough on a railtour 4/10/64 B67 3/4F 92122 At March in typical 9F livery 20/5/64 B68 3/4F 75079 Starts the 09.47 to Waterloo from Woking 19/10/57 B69 3/4B 92215 No date unfortunately, but straight out of the Swindon box? B70 3/4F 73026 Sidelined for scrap at Bolton 9/7/67 B71 3/4F 76054 On the turntable at Holyhead B72 3/4F 75048 The standard 4-6-0 moves onto Carnforth shed 1/8/68 B73 3/4F 70013 Looking very smart at Carnforth 2/8/68 B74 3/4F 76019 No location shown but a lovely shot of this standard 4 B75 3/4B 78006 The 2-6-0 disappears into the undergrowth while taking water at this rare location. Nailsworth 30/7/65 B76 3/4F 78006 Conversation between railway staff while 2-6-0 continues to leak steam Dursley 30/7/65 B77 3/4F 70045 Calls at Cheltenham Malvern Road with the 11.10 Ilfracombe Wolverhampton LL 10/7/65 B78 3/4F 82040 At Stroud on the stock of the last steam passenger to Gloucester 12/6/65 B79 3/4F 71000 An unusual visitor to Shrewsbury depot 11/6/61 B80 3/4F 90210 A lovely shed scene at Wakefield with a work-stained trio of Standard 2-8-0’s 4/7/65 B81 3/4F 70008 Restarts a southbound freight from Winwick Quay Warrington passing clean 48200 in the yard 11/3/65 B82 3/4F 92126 At Wellingborough on a southbound coal train 19/4/63 B83 3/4F 70021 Morning Star on a northbound van train at Tebay 12/10/67 B84 3/4F 92118 Heads a train of coal empties at Fryston 2/10/67 B85 3/4F 82036 With the station building and train at Coaley Jc 21/7/63 B86 3/4F 82036 Leaves Coaley Jc on a special to Dursley 21/7/63 B87 3/4B 78006 Running round her freight at Dymock 2/11/63 B88 3/4B 9F Gives a helping hand to a passenger at Bromsgrove 12/10/63 B89 3/4F 92065 Out of use on Tyne Dock shed 28/9/63 B90 3/4F 80081 Waiting to depart Bournemouth West 18/7/63


K1 S Holwell 18 (AB 1791/23) In between shifts at Ashfordby but in nice condition 4/6/66 K3 3/4F Melior (KS 4219/24) Sitting on shed at Bowaters 10/7/67 K4 3/4F 86 (P 1871/34) Shunting at Wellingborough. Overcast 17/6/65 K6 3/4B (P1113) Dumped on Mountain Colliery shed, winding wheel in the background 6/4/68 K7 3/4F S10 Hallen (P 2035/43) Dumped, no plates, at Cheltenham Gas Works 20/8/67 K8 3/4F Arthur (HE 3782/53) Resting in the sun at Markham Main 20/4/68 K13 3/4F 61 (HE 3821/54) On South Hetton shed, out of use. Overcast 30/7/70 K14 3/4B 39 (HC 1824/49) Bunker first on a society special of workers coaches at Lynemouth. Aerial buckets in the background 10/6/69 K15 S Rothwell (P 1258/12) Very derelict at Irchester 26/12/65 K16 3/4F 9 (HC 895/09) In between shifts at Bedlay, with No.17 21/9/78 K17 3/4F Cranford 2 WB 2668/42) Can be seen in the distance in the quarry with a digger. A super view of a simple stone quarry. Overcast 6/69 K18 3/4F (AB 478/63) Shunting empties at Hylton Coll, Sunderland. Quite a variety of rolling stock can be seen. Overcast 29/7/70 K19 S Duke (AB 400/56) Resting in the sun at Bardon Hill, Coalville. Carries a ladder for some reason 23/10/71 K21 3/4F Maureen (HE 2890/43) Heads a full train at Maesteg. Welsh hills in the background 5/5/71 K22 3/4F 6 (HC 1349/16) Dumped out of use at Hatfield Main, Stainforth 20/4/68 K24 3/4F 42 Bickershaw (HE 1699/33) Dumped with plates at Park Hill Colliery. Overcast 20/3/66 K25 3/4F Ring Haw (HE 1982/40) On Nassington shed 19/3/67 K26 3/4F Rhos (HC 1308/18) Resting in the yard at Corby S&L 22/5/65 K28 3/4B Stainby (AB 2313/51) On a train of stone wagons at Buckminster 4/6/66 K29 3/4F Ajax (AB 1605/18) On Harlaxton shed between shifts 4/6/66 K30 3/4F 51 (RSH 7003/40) Stands out of use at Harlaxton 4/6/66 K31 S Stainby (AB 2313/51) On stone wagons at Buckminster 4/6/66 K32 3/4F Langar (P 1703/26) In steam at G T Earle, Barstone. Overcast 4/6/66 K33 3/4F Holwell 18 (AB 1791/23) Clean on Ashfordby shed in the sun. 4/6/66 K34 3/4F 39 Caerphilly (K 5477/36) Waits to leave on a loaded train at Glendon. Overcast 30/3/67 K35 3/4F 86 (P 1871/34) Coupling up for shunting on the metre gauge at Wellingborough 17/6/65 K37 S Major (AB 1363/14) Dumped with it’s plates at Irchester 22/5/66 K39 3/4F 14 (MW 1795/12) Shunting and leaking steam at Irchester 3/8/67 K41 3/4F Major (AB 1363/14) Derelict in the low winter sun at Irchester 26/12/65 K45 3/4F 35 (MW 1317/95) Waits on a special train at Corby S&L. Overcast 22/5/65 K47 S 35 (MW 1317/95) Waits to leave Oakley sidings with a special train at Corby S&L. 22/5/65 K48 S Steam Grab Out of use at Irchester. Locos behind 22/5/65 K49 3/4B Buccleuch (P 1232/10) Dumped with plates on, in the sun at Nassington 19/3/67 K50 3/4F Musketeer (S 9369/46) In steam at Thos Gray, Burton Latimer, overcast 30/3/67 K52 S 2 Isebrook (S 6515/26) Dumped out of use, Thos Gray, Burton Latimer. 30/3/67 K53 (AB 919/02) Stands in steam at Barrington Cement Works K58 3/4F 4 Edmundsons (AB 2168/43) On Little Barford Power Station shed. Overcast 7/4/65 K59 Unusual shot of the line in the quarry with a large grab just in view at Corby S&L. 22/5/65 K61 3/4F Ajax (AB 1605/18) Shunting at Harlaxton 4/6/66 K62 S 15 (HL 3892/36) No plates, dumped at Irchester 22/5/66 K63 3/4B L77 Appears from the underground with an engineers train at Wembley Park. Overcast 17/6/69 K65 3/4F Nellie 600 (KC 1553/27) Scrapyard shunter at Cohens, Kettering 18/10/64 K68 3/4F 125 (RSH 7099/43) Totally devoid of any identity at Celynen South Coll. 3/8/67 K69 3/4F 69 (HE 3785/53) Rests between turns at South Hetton 30/7/70 K70 3/4F Jea (HC 1696/39) Plateless at Cransley, awaits the cutters torch K71 3/4F Granville 5 (HE 3771/52) The giesel ejector shunter at Granville Colliery Oakengates 14/10/66 K72 3/4F Ruth (EE 899/35) A very derelict electric still attached to the wires at Coronation Brickworks, Bedford. Two years before she is cut up. 3/8/69 K73 3/4F 35 (MW 1317/95) Stands with it’s special train at the quarry face at Corby. A huge dragline machine towers in the background 22/5/65 K74 S 2 Nellie (HC 1435/22) Ready for shunting at Esholt Sewage Works, Bradford 31/8/69 K75 3/4F Stagshaw (HL 3513/27) In yellow, looks out of use at Shotton 31/7/70 K76 3/4F 45 (RSH 7113/43) Tidy, but out of use at Shilbottle. Winding wheels behind 16/4/68 K77 3/4F 2 (TH 120/63) Out of use in the sun at Snibstone 23/10/71 K78 3/4F 78 (RSH 7538/49) A very grey 0-4-0ST sits in the sun at Derwenthaugh 19/4/68 K79 3/4F 3 (MW 2008/41) Derelict in the sun at Morlais 3/11/68 K80 3/4F John (AE 1893/21) In smart green livery at Brynlliw 3/11/68 K81 3/4F 18 (HE 3160/44) With giesel ejector at Norton Colliery 3/3/68 K82 3/4F 88 (TH 135/64) Rather grey, sitting in the sun at Derwenthaugh 19/4/68 K83 3/4F (RSH 7799/54) Looks unwanted after just sixteen years at Norwood Coking Plant, Dunston 29/7/70 K84 3/4F 1 (NB 27410/55) Standing in the sun at Wearmouth 29/7/70 K85 3/4F Musketeer (S 9369/46) Poses in the sun at Thos Gray, Burton Latimer 30/3/67 K86 3/4F 50 (AB 2277/50) In grubby maroon outside her Thornley shed 31/7/70 K87 3/4F 1 (AB 1015/04) In the sun at Shotton, but no rods 19/4/68 K88 3/4F 1 (AB 1015/04) Two years later – in steam again (seeK87) 31/7/70 K89 3/4F Cranford (AE 1919/24) Shunting four loaded hoppers at Cranford 23/3/67 K90 3/4F 1 (AB1015/04) Crossing the road with loaded wagons at Shotton 31/7/70 K91 3/4F Graig Merthyr (AB1073/06) Shorn of plates, looking rather unused at Graig Merthyr 6/4/68 K92 3/4F Darfield No.1 (HE 3783/53) Dumped outside Darfield shed 17/5/69 K93 3/4F St Martin (AE 2064/31) Looking very respectable at Snowdown Colliery 16/6/69 K94 3/4F 3 (P 1736/27) Blue livery. Sits in the sun at CEGB Hams Hall 6/10/67 K95 3/4F 2 Nellie (HC 1435/22) Heads out with two tubs of the indescribable, Esholt Sewage Works, Bradford 31/8/69 K96 3/4F 2 Nellie (HC 1435/22) Shunting in Esholt Sewage Works, Bradford 31/8/69 K97 3/4F 17 (HC D1137/59) In between turns at Newmarket Colliery, Stanley 17/5/69 K98 3/4B 6 The home built 0-4-0ST is possibly still in use at Norton Colliery 3/3/68 K99 3/4F 41 (FH 3882/58 Only ten years use and this one looks sidelined at Primrose Hill Colliery, Woodlesford 18/1/69 K100 S The 0-4-0ST drifts along with a rake of empties at Bedlay 17/4/81 K101 3/4F (AB 1073/06) The multi-coloured tank shunts at Pontardulais 17/8/71 K102 3/4F (HC D860/54) Smart green diesel at Milford Haven 30/5/78 K103 3/4F 2 (RSH 7818/54) Can’t miss the nameplate on this Castle Donnington tan 18/9/74 K104 3/4F Cranford (AE 1919/24) By the coal loading plant at Cranford Jun 1969 K105 3/4B Cranford 2 (Bagnalls) With Loddington 2 outside Cranford shed Jun 1969 K106 3/4F 41 (RSH 7674/51) Ex NCB on loan to Delta Steel, Blaydon Aug 1969 K107 3/4F Falcon (HL 3878/36) Out of use at William loco shed, Whitehaven 27/7/68 K108 3/4B (Cdf 306/97) This ex Taff Vale, MOD and NCB loco stands at Swindon Having been sold back to BR 25/10/64 K109 3/4F Holly Bank 3 (HE 1451/24) Shunts loaded wagons at Granville Coll, Oakengates 14/10/66 K110 3/4F Holly Bank 3 (HE 1451/24) Colliery wheels in the background at Granville Coll. 14/10/66 K111 3/4B 4 (RSH 7684/51) Shunting wagons past the Nechells CEGB cooling tower 6/10/67 K112 S Mesozoic (P 1827/13) This ex-Portland Cement loco resides at Brackley scrapyard in Ghostly pink 1/10/66 K113 S 5 (HE 3806/53) Pauses in between duties at West Cannock 14/10/66 K114 3/4B 8 (HE 3807/53) On Cannock Wood Coll shed, wheel in the background 14/10/66 K115 3/4B (P 1113/07) A delightful view at Mountain Coll shed with AB 1143/08 6/4/68 K116 3/4F 49 (HE 2032/40) Sits in front of Blisworth Ironstone shed 13/2/67 K117 S ( P 2119/50) Dumped, plateless, at Bromford Bridge 6/10/67 K118 S BSC 104 (NB 27593/57) Engaged in shunting at East Moors, Cardiff 16/10/75 K119 3/4F BSC 108 (NB 27869/59) A beefy 0-6-0 shunter at East Moors, Cardiff 16/10/75 K120 3/4F 42 (RSH 7768/54) Placing trucks under the screens at Linton Coll 15/9/65 ??????? K121 3/4F 42 (K 2510/83) A superb shot of this much rebuilt pannier tank in her distinctive green livery, Derwenthaugh Coking Plant 16/9/65 K122 3/4F 42 (K 2510/83) With sister 41 after a days work at Derwenthaugh 16/9/65 K123 3/4F Punch Hall (AB 776/96) Quite a scene of dereliction as the diminutive tank raises steam on Dunstable Cement Works shed 4/8/65 K124 3/4F 6 (HC 1349/18) Wonderful NCB scene with two winding wheels at Hatfield Coll 23/5/65 K125 3/4F Hatfield 4 (AE 1448/02) Never been cleaned! Ready for action at Hatfield Coll 23/5/65 K126 3/4F Mexborough (MW 611/76) A fabulous survivor, dumped at Derwenthaugh 23/5/65 K127 3/4F Redundant tank at Yorkshire Tar Distilleries, Cleakheaton 12/3/66 K128 3/4F S118 (HC 1870/53) A cracking shot at Glasshoughton Coll 11/3/66 K129 3/4F Henry de Lacy 2 (HC 1309/17) A smart 0-4-0ST at Kirkstall Forge 10/3/66 K130 3/4F Good Luck (HE 498/90) The old 0-6-0ST is discarded as the new young pretender shows Off in the background. Haunchwood Coll 10/3/65 K131 3/4F John Roberts (MW 1891/16) On a rake of wooden bodies at Birch Coppice Coll 10/3/65 K132 3/4F Kapai (P 1532/20) At North Warwick Coll, wheel in the background 12/3/65 K133 3/4F Kilmarnock (AB 814/98) A grubby engine at Tyne Tees Shipping, Stockton 20/5/65 K134 3/4F Londonderry (AB 1724/22) Heading a variety of stock at New Seaham Coll 20/5/65 K135 S 51 (HL 3905/37) A distinctive side tank at Leadgate, Consett 21/5/65 K136 3/4B 40 (RSH 7764/54) The three coach workers train leaves Hirst, Ashington for Ellington Coll. 15/9/65 K137 3/4B 3 (HC 1774/44) Stands with one old battered clerestory roofed coach as workers Train at North Walbottle Coll 16/9/65 K138 3/4F Maud (HC 1937/38) Ex-Banbury ironstone loco at Cohens, Kettering 3/10/65 K139 3/4B S116 (HE 3836/55) On shed at Primrose Hill Coll, Woodlesford 20/3/65 K140 3/4F (AE 1918/23) Heading a society visit to Cranford 6/5/65 K141 3/4B 18 (Lewin 1863) Unusual shot of the waves trying to engulf the small centurian And her rake of ancient wooden tubs at Seaham Harbour 3/4/64 K142 3/4F 18 (Lewin 1863) Under Seaham Harbour staithes during shunting 3/4/64 K143 3/4B 11 (HC 688/04) Has disgraced herself across the points at Tower Coll 27/3/64 K144 3/4F Llewellyn Heads the colliery ‘paddy’ train at Talywain 3/10/68 K145 3/4F St Thomas (AE 1971/27) Delightful shed scene at Snowdown Coll 5/7/68 K146 3/4F St Thomas (AE 1971/27) At work in Snowdown Colliery yard 5/7/68 K147 3/4F A.Leighton (HC 1754/43) Working empty slag wagons at Betteshanger 10/6/68 K148 3/4B S10 (OK 2499/07) Looking out to sea at Reeds Paper, Greenhithe 28/5/68 K149 3/4F Hornpipe (P 1756/28) Hauling cement wagons at APCM Swanscombe 1/5/68 K150 3/4B 1 (HL 3715/28) Heads a wooden side tipping wagon at Swanscombe 1/5/68 K151 3/4F Stanton 24 (AB 1875/25) Crane tank at Riddings Foundry, Stanton 15/10/67 K152 3/4F Ken Boazman (AB 2343/53) In ghostly white in Kirby Thore yard 13/10/67 K153 3/4F (VF 5282/45) One wrong moves and she’s in the drink at Harrington Coll 10/10/67 K154 3/4F Carr (HC 1812/48) Working in Whitehaven docks 10/10/67 K155 3/4B (N 4004/90) A rarely photographed crane tank in a desolate location, Hodbarrow Mines, Millom 7/10/67 K156 3/4F Success (MW 1844/14) Working the Silkstone Colliery yard 4/10/67 K157 3/4F (HE 1107/12) Small 0-4-0SY at Snydale Colliery 2/10/67 K158 3/4F Frank (HL 3534/22) Signal box, Frank, and Hunslet Jubilee in a cracking Conversation piece at Peckfield Colliery 2/10/67 K159 3/4B (HE 3891/65) Charging the slag bank at Waterloo Main Coll 2/10/67 K160 3/4F Tumulus (RSH 7813/54) Heads out of the quarry at APCM Holborough 26/7/67 K161 3/4F Kemp (AB 2241/48) Shunting in Mountfield Mines exchange sidings 20/4/67 K162 S Singapore (HL 3865/36) Looking derelict at MOD Chatham 26/9/70 K163 3/4F 17 (AB 1338/13) A heavy load for Dunaskin at Waterside, Dalmellington 12/8/75 K164 S Clifford (YE 947/07) Dumped and partly cut up with Goldendale Ironworks in the background 20/10/62 K165 3/4F The Baronet (Mkm 102/89) Rusting in the undergrowth at Eaton Quarry 28/8/60 K166 3/4F Coronation (P 1920/37) Crossing the road out of Portland Cement, Purfleet 26/3/62 K167 3/4F 63 (HL 3928/37) Approaches the smoky works of RT&B, Ebbw Vale 10/6/62 K168 S Pollie (YE 326/81) On the scrap line at Chatterley Whitfield 4/8/62 K169 S 59 (RSH 7670/50) On front of the S&L shed at Penn Green, Corby 3/11/62 K170 3/4F 1362 (YE 2484/50) Clean, maroon loco takes water at United Steel, Exton Park 5/11/62 K171 3/4F (P 1426/16) Casing sister Peckett into Brynlliw Coll yard 7/10/68 K172 3/4B 1607 Ex-GWR pannier dumped in the dirt along with a 1920 HL at Cynheidre Coll 12/10/68 K173 3/4F (N 2119/76) The ancient 0-4-0ST melts into the undergrowth at Fairfield Mabey, Chepstow 13/10/68 K174 3/4F Unique (WB 2216/23) A weird 2-4-0 fireless at Ridham Docks, Sittingbourne 8/4/69 K175 3/4F Premier (KS 886/05) With a paper train from dock to mill to Bowaters, Sittingbourne 26/9/69 K176 3/4F Chislet 2 (WB 2961/50) Looks like the end for this one at Chislet Colliery 1/5/69 K177 3/4F CFS 6 (RSH 7742/52) Looks out of use at APCM Shipston on Cherwell 29/9/69 K178 3/4F Illtyd (AB 2331/52) Restarts a Blaenserchan train at Talywain 30/9/69 K179 S Illtyd (AB 2331/52) A panoramic backdrop to a train of empties. Talywain 30/9/69 K180 3/4F 8 (AB 1608/18) Shunting the Celynen South Coll yard 30/9/69 K181 S 9600 Ex-BR panniers shunting modern coal hoppers, Merthyr Vale 1/10/69 K182 3/4B 9792 Ex-BR pannier shunting Maerdy Coll yard 1/10/69 K183 3/4B 125 (RSH 7099/43) Crossing 9792 on trains at Maerdy Coll 1/10/69 K184 3/4B (P 2150/54) Amongst the pile of pit-props at Maerdy Coll 1/10/69 K185 3/4F Hornet (P 1935/37) Light engine passing BR signal box at Bersham Coll 2/10/69 K186 3/4B Hornet (P 1935/37) On front of the small shed at Bersham Coll. 2/10/69 K187 3/4F 2 (HE 3805/53) Rusty and out of use at Darfield Colliery 4/10/69 K188 3/4B E No.9 (RS 2854/98) Vertical boiler crane in steam at BSC, Consett 5/10/69 K189 S 20 (AB 1833/24) Sparkling green machine. Newbattle 6/10/69 K190 3/4F 25 (AB 2358/54) A sunny shot in Niddrie Landsale yard 6/10/69 K191 3/4F 8 (AB 885/00) With a train from Polkemmett exchange sidings 6/10/69 K192 3/4F 8 (AB 885/00) Black smoke from a grubby loco at Polkemmett 6/10/69 K193 3/4F A group of slightly re-shaped trucks. Polkemmett 6/10/69 K194 3/4B 53 (AB 1807/23) Out of use at Valleyfield Colliery 7/10/69 K195 3/4F (HC 1009/56) The Frys diesel shunter at Keynsham 1/7/61 K196 3/4F L48 Stands on Lillie Bridge shed in LT maroon 3/6/61 K197 Looking down Kilmerston incline to the Radstock Frome line 24/2/62 K198 3/4F 3 (BTH 1932) Smart Bo-Bo DE shunts the Dagenham yard of Fords 16/5/61 K199 3/4F 1 (BTH 1932) Any colour so long as it’s green. Fords, Dagenham 16/5/61 K200 3/4F 7 (P 1938/37) As smart as the older electrics. Fords, Dagenham 16/5/61 K201 3/4B (D 4101/01) Smart green tank, at Shelton Works, Etruria 20/10/62 K202 3/4F 36 (RH 375717/55) A dull but rare shot of an admiralty train arriving at Cleobury

Mortimer from Ditton Priors 29/11/63 IRISH RAILWAYS

R1 3/4F E429 The 6-wheeled Maybach hydraulic shunter, shunting at Cork Oct 1971 R2 S E431 In dark green CIE livery outside Inchicore works Sep 1968 R3 3/4F DMU Three car unit made up of 2634, 1362, 2637 at Wexford North R4 3/4F B166 The GM Bo-Bo heads another of the class towards Limerick Jc Sep 1968 R5 3/4F D303 On of the last survivors from this small 1946 class. Inchicore Sep 1968 R6 3/4F C201 Despite a rebuild this 1957 Metro Vick was first of the class to be withdrawn Waterford Sep 1968 R7 3/4F A57R One of the 1955 Metro Vicks sits in the sun at Cork Oct 1971 R8 3/4B B131 Nice sunny shot of this single ended 1961 Bo-Bo Cork Oct 1971 R9 3/4F B204 The 1957 Metro-Vick has just arrived at Cork with a Dublin train Oct 1971 R10 3/4F B222 A super view of this Bo-Bo shunting Cork Oct 1971 R11 3/4B E403 On pilot duties at Dublin Heuston station R12 3/4B G614 The first of this small Deutz built class to be withdrawn after just five years Use. Inchicore Sep 1968 R13 F On the front of Canal St depot Dublin and two Bo-Bo’s and C211 Sep 1968 R14 3/4F A36 The 1956 Co-Co heads a freight at Wexford North Sep 1968 R15 3/4F B105 Heading a ballast train at Limerick Jc Sep 1968 R16 3/4F A58R A super shot of this Co-Co in tan and black livery. Inchicore Sep 1968 R17 3/4F B142 One of the 1962 GM Bo-Bo’s at Dublin Connolly Sep 1968 R18 3/4F 190 5A Waits to leave Drogheda on a Dublin train 9/9/89 R19 3/4F 083 Running round Dublin bound stock at Westport 22/5/90 R20 3/4F 151 Heading a Limerick train at Waterford 14/9/89

Image1 Image2
SBD239 D52 heads a southbound passenger through Cleeve SBK120 42 shunting at Linton Colliery, Ashington
Image3 Image4
SBG160 2246 pauses at Stratford SBR9 Irish Metrovick B204 arrives at Cork