Item Company Description Price
Image   GWR crest on wooden panel £40
Image   LSWR cast iron Beware of Trains notice £100
Image   Slovak enamel house number £25
Image   BRS Totem Loughborough Jc, immaculate £495
Image   SR Framed ticket office sign, original frame £275
Image   Pullman lamp ex Barbara, no standard shade £160
Image   BRE Headlamp, complete £150
Image   SNCF Handlamp £75
Image   LNWR carriage key £35
Image   BR Coach Notice £25
Image   SR Oil can £30
Image   Rowntrees paperweight £45
Image   LNWR restaurant car ladle £70
Image   LNER salt jar £40
Image   SR flagon £48
Image   Met Camm brass plate 1941 £30
Image   Wigan Wagon cast iron wagonplate (rare) £250
Image   GWR 14T cast iron wagonplate £40
Image   BRW Compton Castle poster £225
Image   86B shedplate £200
Image   East Bengal Railway farewell address, silk and lace, superbly framed £60
Image   Pullman crest on board £30
Image   SR Langhammer carriage print of Dorset in original frame £65
Image   LMS 202 cast iron bridgeplate £40
Image   Caledonian quarter mile post top, cast iron £55
Image   GWR 'Man in Charge of the Van' cast iron sign £160
Image   Enamel Royal Daylight oil sign, rare version £245
Image   Large enamel LT Way Out sign - Met & Bakerloo £345
Image   Plastic' Herne Bay station sign, approx 6' long £50
Image   Enamel Trains station sign £90
Image   SR enamel propping doors notice - some restoration £125
Image   SNCF three aspect handlamp plated Arvert-Avallon £80
Image   Tail lamp, complete £65
Image   GWR Swindon brass hinge £25
Image   Caledonian loco display £45
Image   LMS compartment metal tray £45
Image   BR(WR) Party Excursions poster £55
Image   Stonehouse closure poster 1975 £45
Image   Original SNCF 'Paris' poster by Buffet 1963 £50
Image   Bridge House (Durham) signal diagram with illumination slots £120
Image   Swindon to Kemble signal box gradient diagram £25
Image   GWR brass bell push £75
Image   Signalbox repeater £55
Image   Pair of diesel horns, possibly class 37 £95
Image   Cast iron 87C locomotive shedplate, Swansea Danygraig £320
Image   Indian cast iron wagonplate Dum Dum Calcutta £35
Image   Cast iron Hurst Nelson wagonplate 1944 £25
Image   GWR teapot, monogram slightly worn £70
Image   BR(ER) restaurant glass £25
Image   SR drinking glass £25
Image   LMS glass inkwell £30
Image   LNER glass inkwell £30
Image   Great Northern Railway china cup £12
Image   South African Railway water jug £25
Image   GWR Hanging system map in good condition £80
Image   Voyager route map carriage panel £45
Image   Telephone glass panel £45