Item Company Description Price
Relic   Pakistan Railway crest - mounted £40
Relic   Cuneo framed print - Early Shift £30
Relic   Cast Iron GWR Gate Notice £110
Relic   Thames Valley enamel bus stop sign £95
Relic   Silecroft station sign £48
Relic   Enamel French street sign 'Square Noel' £50
Relic   Shepherds Bush enamel station frieze £175
Relic   Four plate set ex Rumanian steam loco £195
Relic   Cast CCCP worksplate - 3974/80 £100
Relic   Glass panel from LT ticket machine £45
Relic   Unmarked cast iron kettle as used by the pway gang at Stroud £48
Relic   Station destination board £45
Relic   Pair of diesel horns £120
Relic   BRW office chair (stamped underneath) £65
Relic   Intercity Sleeper poster £60
Relic   SNCF - Basque Country poster 1959 £80
Relic   SNCF - Ile de France 1958 £70
Relic   BR Roland Rat poster £30
Relic   Lower Quadrant signal arm complete £125
Relic   BR home repeater £45
Relic   Signal plate ex Pelaw £20
Relic   Shaw Savill Line teapot £20
Relic   NER Hull Docks wagonplate £40
S311.jpg   Grampus wagon nameplate, cast iron £48
Relic   Barry Freeman signed print - Castle Country £35
Relic   Alan Ward print - LMS steam in Hertfordshire £30
Relic   LNWR cast iron viaduct plate 30 in original condition £60
Relic   GNR cast iron Beware of Trains, restored £85
Relic   GWR cast iron boundary post complete, 1882, top restored £90
Relic   Locomotives not to pass, modern sign £55
Relic   BR(W) Ladies Room, enamel sign £160
Relic   Aspatria station sign £40
Relic   USA railroad handlamp £35
Relic   Railway handlamp, origin unknown £60
Relic   BR(W) three aspect handlamp plated Penzance £100
Relic   Lizard depot plaque for St Blazey, ex-stores £350
Relic   Merchant Capitalist headboard £125
Relic   NER cart wheel £100
Relic   BR(W) ashtray £25
Relic   GWR typing reel tin £30
Relic   LNER wood plane £15
Relic   Down Main signal lever plate £30
Relic   Pullman soup bowl £18
Relic   Toton depot celebration plate £20
Relic   Midland Railway cast iron star wagonplate £75
Relic   Restored container plate £15
Relic   Cravens Sheffield wagonplate £30