Item Company Description Price
Relic   Handlamp/cart lamp £40
Relic   GWR Tilley lamp £100
Relic   BR(WR) Ground signal innard complete £50
Relic   GWR office chair £65
Relic   BR Sailors cap (rare) £50
Relic   BR Office chair £75
Relic   BR Wimbledon etc station fingerboard £55
Relic   Low Bridge original road sign £230
Relic   Irish route map from carriage rolling stock £40
Relic   Large Insulator £25
Relic   GWR shunters horn £70
Relic   Intercity Sleeper poster £60
Relic   GWR Track Indicator £250
Relic   Repeater and Switch £80
Relic   LMS Candlestick extension phone £75
Relic   LNWR signal lever plate £30
Relic   GWR large silverplated teapot £70
Relic   GWR large silverplated teapot £70
Relic   Brigton Belle crockery set £50
Relic   LMS Wicker Basket £45
Relic   Barry Freeman signed/framed print - 'Castle in the Country' £35
Relic   Rear of St Marys Crossing signal box, Chalford, painted by a local artist. Original painting £75
Relic   Original Hospital road sign £125
Relic   GWR cast iron Rights of Way plate - restored £100
Relic   LNWR cast iron gate notice £90
Relic   GWR/LNWR gate notice - restored £125
Relic   BR Conductor Rail enamel warning sign £125
Relic   SNCF enamel warning sign £60
Relic   BR(ScR) Private enamel doorplate £130
Relic   BRE enamel hanging platform sign Ladies Room £170
Relic   LT enamel station freize - Shepherds Bush £170
Relic   LT enamel station freize - St Pauls £160
Relic   Superb BRW brake van lamp, devoid of paint £80
Relic   American B&O handlamp, electric bulb fitted £35
Relic   Oudh & Rohilikand refreshment room notice £35
Relic   GNR (branded) wooden writing slope £130
Relic   GWR Cornish Riviera jigsaw, boxed and complete £30
Relic   GWR Swansea Docks jigsaw, boxed and complete £60
Relic   BRW ashtray (GWR style) £25
Relic   Met Cam wagon/coach builders plate 1950 £25
Relic   USA wagonplate 1943 £45
Relic   Esso wagon registration plate £45
Relic   SAR brass numberplate 2024. Built as as 15A in 1921 and rebuilt in 1930 as a 15AR. Withdrawn from Queenstown in 1980. The plate was damaged when the locomotive was scrapped but has been restored to a very acceptable standard. £295