Item Company Description Price
Relic   County Donegal Railway crest £40
Relic   Original painting of tank locos in an industrial setting £40
Relic   Western Road sign £75
Relic   GWR cast iron sign - Fire Hydrant £65
Relic   GCR cast iron Trespass plate £145
Relic   GWR cast iron Rhybudd trespass sign £180
Relic   SNCF enamel electrification sign £40
Relic   BRS - Queens Road Battersea totem - immaculate £800
Relic   BR(LMR) enamel poster board header, some restoration £150
Relic   BR(LMR) enamel gate notice, some restoration £125
Relic   BR Enamel Must not cross….subway £75
Relic   Locomotive headlamp, complete £125
Relic   South Eastern Railway handlamp £125
Relic   LNWR carbide handlamp £70
Relic   GWR inkwell £55
Relic   (GWR) footwarmer £60
Relic   Caledonian Railway clock in good working order £795
Relic   GWR bakerlite inkwell, rare £70
Relic   GWR 'bus-type' office clock in nice working condition £295
Relic   GWR Testing sieve £50
Relic   LMS Look Out armband £20
Relic   LNWR bone whistle £35
Relic   LSWR carriage key £25
Relic   BRW Gower Coast poster, some edge marks £150
Relic   BR Party Outing posters, late 1950's £48
Relic   Token Aberdare-Cwmbach £175
Relic   Cast iron lever plate 'Down Main' £20
Relic   Ground signal face plate £45
Relic   LMS Egg cup £40
Relic   LMS brass water jug £48
Relic   Midland Railway whisky bottle £25
Relic   NUR 1980 ashtray £15
Relic   LMS Hotels sugar shaker £48
Relic   LMS Inkpot, no top £35
Relic   GWR spirit measure £25
Relic   BR Internal wagonplate £25
Relic   Birmingham RCW cast iron wagonplate 1928 £70
Relic   Central wagon wagonplate £25
Relic   Codnor Nottingham wagonplate £48
Relic   LNER-D wagon registration plate £55
Relic   Gloucester RCW wagonplate £45
Relic   Telephone ex Plymouth, nicely restored, heavy £95
Relic   BRSR station totem 'GODSTONE' immaculate £700
Relic   BRWR signal box plate - rarer than the GWR version! £150
Relic   BR(LMR) enamel Waiting Room doorplate £175
Relic   LT Finchley/Tooting destination plate £95
Relic   Armstrong Whitworth builders plate 1204/1935 £350
Relic   Set of six LNER Wedgwood Cathedral plates £70
Relic   Superb LYR letter rack £150
Relic   GWR shoe polishing brush/clothes brush £45
Relic   British Empire Exhibition 1924 CNR paperweight £25
Relic   LNWR Pooley brass plate £25
Relic   Ex-LNER platform light, Forest Gate, restored £175