Item Company Description Price
Relic   Original Victor Welch painting, untilted but of 1014 on water troughs. An early VW work from 1953, signed. Approx 20x16" £175
Relic   Framed and glazed LMS notice to drivers, 1930. Approx 12x6" £15
Relic   LNWR cast iron bridgeplate 87 £70
Relic   GWR cast iron 'Not Drinking Water' plate, approx 4x3" £45
Relic   MR cast iron sign 'Beware of Trains' £98
Relic   GWR Ladies Room cast iron doorplate, original paintwork £150
Relic   BR(SR) totem 'Loughborough Junction'. Immaculate £495
Relic   BR(LMR) enamel gate notice (restored) £125
Relic   SR Ticket Office enamel in original wooden frame £260
Relic   Modern 'Trains' station sign, approx 36x9" £90
Relic   West Riding route display, perspex type material, approx 4x3' £50
Relic   headroom road sign £75
Relic   Large LT enamel sign, approx 4x2.5'. Has since been cleaned £345
Relic   Beware of Trains enamel sign, origina unknown, approx 18x12" £95
Relic   BR Speed limit termination lamp £70
Relic   GWR three aspect handlamp £75
Relic   BRE signal lamp interior, labelled Yaxley Halt £50
Relic   Beyer Peacock cast iron worksplate 6820/36, ex LNER J39 £350
Relic   Brass diesel locomotive horns, small and large £95
Relic   GWR Loco Dept whistle £48
Relic   BRE whistle £25
Relic   Brass 4000 gallon tender level gauge £45
Relic   Penrite Oil jug £10
Relic   LMS metal carriage tray £45
Relic   SAR Salt River 1946 brass steptread £45
Relic   Metro Cammell steptread dated 1914 £45
Relic   GWR office carpet in good condition approx 6x2' £195
Relic   Glass ashtray - LMS Removals Service £95
Relic   BOAC fan £20
Relic   BR Gaurds bag in good condition £60
Relic   GWR boxed jigsaw complete - Fishgaurd Army £25
Relic   Cardiff Sunday timetable Sept 1953. £30
Relic   BR Rowland Rat Litter poster £45
Relic   Bakerlite signal lever plate £10
Relic   GWR block bell £175
Relic   LNWR china nut bowl £20
Relic   LNWR china teapot £45
Relic   LMS Hotels sugar shaker £48
Relic   Large BOAC mug £20
Relic   GWR teapot, slightly worn monogram £70
Relic   Pan Am mug £8
Relic   GER sugar tongs £22
Relic   LNWR cast iron registration plate £95
Relic   Steetley Lime wagon repairs enamel plate £80
Relic   Cast iron LMS star wagonplate 1948 £45
Relic   Cast iron GWR registration plate £45
Relic   SR Ashford wagonplate £50
Relic   GWR wagonplate £45