Item Company Description Price
Image   GWR Restaurant Car card notice, framed £60
Image   New York Central train system framed map £30
Image   County Donegal Railway mounted crest £45
Image   Cast iron L&SWR Beware of Trains notice, restored, ex Crediton £140
Image   Cast iron S&MJR Beware of Trains Notice £145
Image   Alloy BTC Warning re Trespass sign £150
Image   (GWR) Man in Charge of Van, cast iron sign £245
Image   French enamel street sign 'Rue Etienne Dollet' £75
Image   SR enamel seatback sign 'Earlswood'. Defects nicely restored £225
Image   Advance' road lamp in as used condition £60
Image   German Railways (DB) rear lamp £90
Image   Superbly restored CCCP (Russian) rolling stock crest £170
Image   Cast iron GWR 2-6-2T cabside numberplate 6157. Allocated to Reading and Slough. Restored both sides but pitting to the reverse would indicate its authenticity. £595
Image   L&SWR pilotman armband. L & W removed but marks still show £40
Image   Mark 2 carriage luggage rack £95
Image   GWR carriage match striker plate £28
Image   Official BR class 45 ashtray (rare) £85
Image   Brass SAR Salt River 1946 carriage step tread plate £125
Image   Large GWR (branded) saw £75
Image   BR(NER) leaflet rack £75
Image   Amos - Swanbourne, milk churn plate £20
Image   Double Royal GWR poster Cardiff Horse Show 1884. Original appears pasted on board and mounted. £75
Image   SNCF double royal poster 'Limousin', small defects £30
Image   BR 1970's 'Great Little Trains of Wales' poster. Has been folded £40
Image   Official BR Electric locomotive ashtray £25
Image   Epns plated tankard commemmorating the new LT Piccadilly Circus station in Dec 1928. £35
Image   SAR saucer £5
Image   GWR medicine bottle (GWR moulded on bottom) £30
Image   SR water jug with lifting lid £30
Image   Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon cast iron wagonplate £45
Image   SR 12T Ashford cast iron wagonplate £65
Image   GWR 14T cast iron wagonplate £35
Image   GWR 1948 wagon registration plate £45
Image   NER signal spectacle plate, glasses complete £75
Image   GWR/BRWR Thompson block bell £195
Image   Crossing Sidings and Down Main signal lever plate £15
Image   Metro-Cammell DMU steptread £45
Image   Carriage air vent £30
Image   London Midland platform 1 enamel sign £48
Image   BR(ScR) Waiting Room enamel sign, chips restored £250
Image   Northern Counties Committee tenderplate, restored face £170