Item Company Description Price
Relic   Duke of Lancester Carriage print £45
Relic   Framed and glazed Rolleston carriage print £40
Relic   Swindon - Kemble signal box gradient profile £25
Relic   GWR Coat of Arms mounted on wood backing £40
Relic   Cast iron GWR seriff lettering Trespass sign, unrestored £125
Relic   Two tramway chairs and short length of rail £45
Relic   Cast Iron LNWR bridgeplate 87 £70
Relic   LNWR cast iron gate notice £90
Relic   BR(SR) Ladies Room Enamel sign £185
Relic   BR(SR) Enamel Gentlemen platform sign £120
Relic   St Pauls underground station wall sign £160
Relic   BR(NER) Way out enamel sign £210
Relic   BR(WR) Platform 2 enamel sign £190
Relic   GWR Enamel Tickets Must be Shewn £90
Relic   GWR three aspect handlamp £75
Relic   LMS Adlake lamp, complete £80
Relic   Traction Engine lamp £60
Relic   Handlamp/cart lamp £40
Relic   BR(WR) Ground signal innard complete £50
Relic   Cumbrian Voyager nameplate £900
Relic   Footplatemans lunch box £80
Relic   BR Sailors cap (rare) £50
Relic   BR Wimbledon etc station fingerboard £55
Relic   BR Firemans helmet £80
Relic   Original level crossing road sign £150
Relic   GWR office chair £80
Relic   LNER Porters armband £40
Relic   GWR Typing ribbon tin £30
Relic   BR(WR) Cloth armband £35
Relic   Intercity Sleeper poster £60
Relic   BR/Persil poster £25
Relic   GWR Track Indicator £250
Relic   Repeater and Switch £80
Relic   GWR distant finial, square base £90
Relic   Block bell, offset tapper £135
Relic   Rhodesia Railways sideplate £7
Relic   Bengal and Nagpur vegetable dish (small chip) £40
Relic   Brigton Belle crockery set £50
Relic   LNER silverplate teapot - large £75
Relic   LMS star wagonplate £45
Relic   BR dimension plate £12
Relic   BRE star wagon plate £40
Relic   GWR Registration plate £45
Relic   LMS Wolverton 1946 coach plate £25