Item Company Description Price
Relic   Cast Iron Cambrian Railway trespass plate £160
Relic   GWR brick £25
Relic   Wagon Repairs enamel sign £125
Relic   BRSR Totem PECKHAM RYE - immaculate £400
Relic   BRWR Enamel signal box doorplate £125
Relic   GWR jigsaw - Swansea Docks. Not common and the most entertaining to do. £50
Relic   BRWR Gower Coast poster, a little corner wear £150
Relic   GWR three aspect handlamp £75
Relic   USA railroad electric powered loco headlamp £95
Relic   USA locomotive Not to be Moved oval with fixing bracket £95
Relic   Signalling token - Maidenhead to Cookham, complete £150
Relic   Signalling token - Loudwater to Woburn, end removed £75
Relic   Horse bridle stamoed LNWR/LMS with four LNWR brasses £195
Relic   Swindon produced KGV plaque, limited edition £50
Relic   Cravens steptread 1961 £40
Relic   Superb Caledonian Railway 12" dropcase clock in full working order £795
Relic   GWR 1945 shovel £50
Relic   LNWR teapot £45
Relic   LMS Soup bowl and saucer £45
Relic   LMS mug £35
Relic   BTC toast rack £35
Relic   Printers proof of this Hawkins Duchess - signed and numbered £45
Relic   County Donegal Railway crest £40
Relic   Western Road sign £75
Relic   GWR cast iron sign - Fire Hydrant £65
Relic   GCR cast iron Trespass plate £145
Relic   LNER cast iron bridgeplate 53 £60
Relic   BR(LMR) enamel poster board header, some restoration £150
Relic   BR(WR) enamel ticket conditions £30
Relic   BR(LMR) enamel gate notice, some restoration £125
Relic   Early enamel tram sign, very rare £250
Relic   SNCF enamel electrification sign £40
Relic   Locomotive headlamp, complete £125
Relic   LNWR carbide handlamp £70
Relic   LNWR three aspect handlamp £95
Relic   LSWR Carriage Lavatory door with SECR advert, some restoration but an amazing survivor £175
Relic   (GWR) footwarmer £60
Relic   LNWR carthorse bridle (with hame fitting 295 pair) £195
Relic   LNWR carthorse hame fitting (with bridle 295 pair) £125
Relic   GWR 'bus-type' office clock in nice working condition £295
Relic   CCCP locomotive/rolling stock crest, restored £80
Relic   GWR bakerlite inkwell, rare £70
Relic   Stonehouse closure poster 1972 £48
Relic   Midland Railway whisky bottle £25
Relic   LMS brass water jug £48
Relic   NUR 1980 ashtray £15
Relic   Birmingham RCW cast iron wagonplate 1928 £70
Relic   Central wagon wagonplate £25
Relic   BR Internal wagonplate £25
Relic   86B cast iron shedplate £160
Relic   3782 cast iron cabside £425
Relic   2253 cast iron cabside (repaired) £650
Relic   Stourport-Bewdley South token, end removed and repaired £45
Relic   Railway Act 1921 commemmorative silver medals, boxed £125
Relic   Railway Act 1921 commemmorative bronze medals, cased £25
Relic   London & Birmingham commemmorative medal, boxed £50