Item Company Description Price
Relic   David Shepherd signed print of an industrial loco £30
Relic   GWR cast iron gate notice £95
Relic   GW/LNWR cast iron trespass plate £135
Relic   LNWR cast iron bridgeplate 87 £70
Relic   GWR cast iron booking office doorplate £175
Relic   BR(WR) Enamel Ladies Waiting Room £200
Relic   Northern Line freize - Elephant & Castle £160
Relic   SR enamel sign - Smoking Prohibited £125
Relic   BR(WR) Enamel Platform 2 station sign £190
Relic   Cherry Blossom tin advertising sign £75
Relic   BR(M) Enamel Waiting Roon doorplate (excellent) £225
Relic   Large warning lamp innard £35
Relic   LMS Adlake lamp complete £80
Relic   General Purpose handlamp £45
Relic   GWR Linley 1904 lamp £80
Relic   BR(M) Lamp innard £65
Relic   BR(WR) Signal lamp with interior £75
Relic   Small set of BR arrows, mounted £135
Relic   Speedo ex 24 075 £70
Relic   Swindon produced KGV plaque £60
Relic   Original Level Crossing road sign £175
Relic   GWR Paperweight £40
Relic   NBR paraffin can (plated) £55
Relic   Greshams Cravens gauge £75
Relic   GWR brick £40
Relic   Superb Titanic model in showcase £295
Relic   BR(ER) clothes brush £30
Relic   GWR scissors £25
Relic   GWR glazed inkwell £55
Relic   GNER Coach route panel £40
Relic   BR(WR) London Excursion poster £65
Relic   Roland Rat rubbish station poster £45
Relic   LNWR Combined block and bell instrument £225
Relic   GWR Track Indicator £225
Relic   BRW block bell £175
Relic   Mackenzie & Holland builders plate £120
Relic   Small Pullman teapot £25
Relic   BR silverplated teapot £25
Relic   Small SNCF glass £20
Relic   GNR glazed tea-pot £48
Relic   USA wagonplate 1943 £45
Relic   LMS cast iron wagonplate £35
Relic   Cravens 1945 wagonplate £25