Item Company Description Price
Relic   GWR cast iron 'Not Drinking Water' plate, approx 4x3" £45
Relic   GWR Ladies Room cast iron doorplate, original paintwork £150
Relic   Modern 'Trains' station sign, approx 36x9" £90
Relic   West Riding route display, perspex type material, approx 4x3' £50
Relic   headroom road sign £75
Relic   Large LT enamel sign, approx 4x2.5'. Has since been cleaned £345
Relic   Beware of Trains enamel sign, origina unknown, approx 18x12" £95
Relic   BR Speed limit termination lamp £70
Relic   GWR three aspect handlamp £75
Relic   BRE signal lamp interior, labelled Yaxley Halt £50
Relic   Brass diesel locomotive horns, small and large £95
Relic   GWR Loco Dept whistle £48
Relic   BRE whistle £25
Relic   Brass 4000 gallon tender level gauge £45
Relic   Penrite Oil jug £10
Relic   LMS metal carriage tray £45
Relic   SAR Salt River 1946 brass steptread £45
Relic   GWR office carpet in good condition approx 6x2' £195
Relic   Cardiff Sunday timetable Sept 1953. £30
Relic   GWR block bell £175
Relic   Large BOAC mug £20
Relic   GWR teapot, slightly worn monogram £70
Relic   GER sugar tongs £22
Relic   Steetley Lime wagon repairs enamel plate £80
Relic   Cast iron LMS star wagonplate 1948 £45
Relic   Cast iron GWR registration plate £45
Relic   North Western Railway (of Pakistan) crest mounted on board £40
Relic   Nash Mills Bridge LMS carriage print £75
Relic   Grimsby BR(ER) carriage print £55
Relic   River Ouse, Naburn BR(ER) carriage print £48
Relic   GNR 3/4 milepost top, front restored £40
Relic   CLC cast iron Trespass notice £145
Relic   GCR cast iron Trespass Notice £125
Relic   Railway telephone £60
Relic   BR(LMR) enamel Car Park sign £195
Relic   Beware of Locomotive enamel sign (large) £225
Relic   BR(SR) Queens Road, Battersea totem, superb condition £800
Relic   LT station freize - Charing Cross £160
Relic   Hanging LNER station platform lamp 'Forest Gate'. Not original electrics. £225
Relic   BR(W) Locomotive headlamp, complete, re-painted. £150
Relic   LSWR Adze £60
Relic   Salters postal scales with LMS Pooley plate £90
Relic   GWR brick £32
Relic   GWR jigsaw - 6000 KGV, complete, box poor £30
Relic   GWR jigsaw - Freight Train, complete, box OK £40
Relic   Air India hanging advertisement £30
Relic   SNCF 1969 Small Dali poster - Normandie £60
Relic   LNWR block instrument £225
Relic   Signalling block bell £135
Relic   Woodburn Green - Bourne End token £295
Relic   GWR mug £48
Relic   LMS egg cup £40
Relic   Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway Volunteer Rifles egg cup, small chip/crack but very rare £20
Relic   Canadian Pacific Railway plate £20
Relic   LNWR Rugby china condiment tray, small chips £70
Relic   GWR tot measure £25
Relic   EWS whisky tumblers, boxed £25
Relic   GWR milk tanker plate £48
Relic   LNER-D star wagonplate 1931 £45
Relic   LNER Hull Docks Timber Bogie plate £48
Relic   GWR 1928 regsitration wagon plate £40
Relic   BR(LMR) Crewe-Manchester eletrification booklet £10
Relic   English Electric Traction catalogue/booklet £20