Number Company Region Title Map Period Price
British Railways            
TE428 BR SR Whole system map 5/48-9/48 £20
TE429 BR ScR Whole system map 6/60-9/60 £12
TE431 BR WR Whole system map 9/55-6/56 £10
TE436 BR SR Whole system map 9/53 ufn £10
TE437 BR SR Whole system map 6/53-9/53 £15
TE456 BR SR Whole system map 6/60-9/60 £10
TE459 BR SR Whole system map 9/61-6/62 £8
TE461 BR   Continental Timetables Map Oct-59 £5
TE477 BR ScR Whole system no map 9/56-6/57 £10
TE477 BR SR Whole system map 6/59-9/59 £10
TE478 BR SR Whole system no map 5/49-9/49 £20
TE479 BR SR Suburban Services map 9/49 ufn £10
TE482 BR SR Whole system map 9/58-6/59 £10
TE483 BR SR Whole system map 9/57-6/58 £8
TE465 Bradshaw   Whole system   Aug-57 £20
TE426 GWR   Whole system map Oct-47 £20
TE433 GWR   Whole system no map July 1884 £50
TE471 GWR   Whole system (fair) no map 10/45 ufn £10
TE472 GWR   Whole system (defects) no map 5/44 ufn £15
TE504 GWR   Whole system no map 10/46 ufn £10
TE475 LMS   Chester and N.Wales folder no map 7/34-9/34 £15
TE480 LMS   Midland Div no map 7/23 ufn £30
TE44 LNER   Clyde Coast Steamer Services   Jun-35 £20
Irish Railways            
TE520 CDR   Whole system no map 6/50 ufn £12
TE444 CIE   Whole system map Jun-57 £7
TE535 CIE   Bus and Train - Dublin no map 6/62 £7
TE536 CIE   Whole system no map winter 48 £10
TE538 CIE   Whole system map winter 51 £10
TE540 CIE   Whole system no map 9/63 £5
TE259 GNR(I)   Whole system map Jun-51 £10
TE263 GNR(I)   Whole system map May-48 £20
TE269 GNR(I)   Whole system map Aug-47 £20
TE276 GNR(I)   Whole system map May-57 £10
TE281 GNR(I)   Whole system map 6/40-9/40 £25
TE537 GNR(I)   Whole system map 9/55 £7
TE261 Ulster   Whole system no map Jun-56 £20
TE278 UTA   Sec 1 Belfast Newry map Jun-64 £8
TE539 UTA   Whole system no map 3/51 ufn £10
TE521 Bristol   Timetable   Oct 1949 £20
TE519 CIE   Provincial Bus   Win-53 £20
TE541 East Kent   Timetable no map Mar-43 £20
TE539 Hastings   Timetable no map Jul-53 £8
TE464 Macbraynes   Northern Area   5/55 £8
TE543 Maidstone   Timetable map Sept-50 £20
TE394 Midland Red   Leicester Area (defects) map Oct-49 £15
TE468 Midland Red   Leamington area map Oct-52 £10
TE540 Midland Red   Shrewsbury map 10/53 £20
TE467 Southdown   East Sussex edition no map May-65 £5
TE525 Western National   South Devon, East Cornwall map 10/61 £15
TE219 Czechoslovakia   Whole system map Jun-80 £20
TE199 Denmark   Togplan map Jun-56 £20
TE303 Denmark   Ferry Services   5/64 £5
TE268 France   Chaix Est map 5/88 £7
TE56 France   Ouest   5/88 £7
TE240 Germany DB Whole system map Sep-56 £25
TE189 Holland NS International Trains map Sep-56 £10
TE279 Holland NS Spoorboekje map My-71 £7
TE299 Holland NS   map Sep-58 £10
TE300 Holland NS     Oct-60 £10
TE298 India   Northern Railway   10-87 £5
TE266 Lithuainia   Timetable map may-99 £10
TE180 SAR   Whole system no map Dec-72 £15
TE183 South Australian SAR Metro & Country TT not issued Aug-62 £10
TE86 Spain   Whole system no map Apr-89 £10
TE301 Turkey   Whole System map May-83 £10
TE130 USA   Official Guide to the Railways   Feb-66 £15
TE14 USA   Official Guide to the Railways   Nov-68 £15
TE297 USA   Amtrak   Apr-2005 £4
TE558 USA   Official Guide to the Railways   Feb-70 £15
TE558 USA Seaboard TT   4/60 £5
TE559 USA C&EI TT   6/60 £5