Number Company Region Title Map Period Price
British Railways            
TE420 BR WR Whole system map 6/56-9/56 £10
TE423 BR ScR Whole system map 6/63-9/63 £10
TE424 BR ScR Whole system map 6/61-9/61 £12
TE428 BR SR Whole system map 5/48-9/48 £20
TE429 BR ScR Whole system map 6/60-9/60 £12
TE431 BR WR Whole system map 9/55-6/56 £10
TE426 GWR   Whole system map Oct-47 £20
TE419 LT   Underground Guide map Nov-70 £3
TE411 LT   Underground Guide map Sum-63 £4
TE413 LT   Underground Guide map Jun-65 £3
TE414 LT   Underground Guide map Oct-66 £3
TE415 LT   Underground Guide map Jun-67 £3
TE416 LT   Underground Guide map Oct-68 £3
TE417 LT   Underground Guide map Mar-69 £3
TE418 MR   Whole system maps 10/20 £60
Irish Railways            
TE257 L&LSR   Bus and Rail no map 10/45 £20
TE263 GNR(I)   Whole system map May-48 £20
TE281 GNR(I)   Whole system map 6/40-9/40 £25
TE14 Assoc Motorways   Express Coach Services   May-51 £25
TE267 Blandford Bus       Nov-91 £2
TE188 Bristol Omnibus     map Sep-61 £12
TE107 County Donegal       6/63 £15
TE118 London Country   North West Area   01/01/1977 £5
TE133 Macbraynes   Southern Area   5/55 £5
TE189 National Express   Winter Coach Guide   Sept-02 £5
TE229 Walsall Corporation       Jul-51 £20
TE540 Austria   Kursbuch map Jul-68 £12
TE55 France   Chaix Sud-Ouest map 5/88 £7
TE543 Italy   Whole system map 9/00 £10
TE544 Poland   Whole system map 8/85 £15
TE546 Spain   Whole system map 6/60 £20
TE552 Sri Lanka   Whole system no map 4/01 £10
TE541 USA   Official Guide to the Railways   Jan-62 £15
TE548 USA BN Burlington Northern,
Spokane Div
  Oct-76 £4
TE549 USA   Official Guide to the Railways   4/60 £15
TE550 USA   Official Guide to the Railways   10/54 £20
TE551 Yugosalvia   Whole system map Jul-66 £20