Item Company Description Price
Image CNR 1933 Tourist map of Canada, Bermuda and the British West Indies. £5
Image LMS Folder brochure for The Shakespeare, Washington and Franklin Countries £10
Image SAR South African Railways brochure for Sea Angling 1930 £5
Image BLC Birmingham locomotive club Industrial Locomotive booklets - South Wales 1951, W Midland 1947, E Midlands 1947, North Wales 1950. All well used 3 each
Image Obermayer Taschenbuch Deutsche Diesellokomotiven 1982 £4
Image Stolz Triebfahrzeuge der Schweiz 1999 £7
Image LNW/NLR Instructions re working Electric Trains 1917 36pp hard covers £5
Image BR(LMR) Supplement to Hours of Opening Signal Boxes Midland Lines, commencing June 1961 8pp £5
Image DoT Annual report on Railways Accidents - 1977, 1978 5 each
Image RCH Official Railway Map England & Wales 1926. Some markings £25
Image LT Route map Trolleybus & Trams folder 1937 £15
Image LT Bus map Central area folder 1935 £20
Image LNER Rulebook 1945 £2.50
Image MR Handbill, Foresters Fete, Crystal Palace, trains from Bradford, Leeds etc 1873 £8
Image GWR Hotels tea towel £20
Image GCR Memo, from audit office, Manchester 1913 £2
Image BP Headed note paper Beyer Peacock (Hymek( Ltd £2
Image MGWR Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland counterfoil 1879 £2
Image GWR Two unused wagon labels, one used 1903, corner loss 3 lot
Image BR(WR) Address label for C&W Dept, Swindon £2
Image C&WR Unused share certificate for Cockermouth and Workington Railway £2.50
Image Obermayer Taschenbuch Deutsche Triebwagen 1979 £4