Item Company Description Price
Image ASLEF Bricklayers Arms 1844-1962 £5
Image MR Railway Service WW1 £45
Image NUR Hereford Permanent Way £10
Image ASLEF Kings Cross 1982 £5
Image BR(LMR) London Midland Electric Express £8
Image N&SC Norfolk & Suffolk Committee 20mm button, brass £15
Image LNWR Marine 17mm brass button £15
Image SECR Button 20mm brass £6
Image LMS/GWR Nickel button 24mm £8
Image MSC Manchester Ship Canal, brass 24mm £2.50
Image L&N Loiusville and Nashville RR 23mm £4
Image SJC Somerset Joint Committee, nickel 24mm £20
Image B&A Boston & Albany, brass 23mm £4
Image MWR Mid-Wales Railway, nickel 24mm £30
Image M&GNR Nickel 24mm button £8
Image NSR North Staffs,nickel 17mm £7
Image (FR) Windermere Steamers, brass 24mm £10
Image TVR Police 24mm £15
Image Big Four Cleveland, Cincinatti, Chicago and St Louis, brass 23mm £4
Image BR leading Railwoman badge 65mm £10
Image GWR St Johns Ambulance badge 25mm £10
Image BR Lion Holding wheel brass cap badge £12
Image LNER Service Badge £12
Image Miller Early 1960's Evening Star badge 40mm long £8
Image CVR Colne Valley Nickel Button 15mm £25
Image LNWR Marine, brass button 24mm £45
Image Car. Rly Brass button 16mm £110
Image TVR Police. Brass 26mm button £15
Image RR Brass button, 24mm £45
Image NJS Nottingham Joint, brass 24mm £125
Image B&MR Nickel button 24mm £30
Image LNW/GWR Nickel button 24mm £10
Image NER 292 Shed Brass paycheck £7
Image NCB 1180 Stafford Coll Paycheck £5
Image LNER S&T Dept paycheck £6
Image LMS Saltley MP 4 paycheck £15
Image LNWR 746 PW paycheck £5
Image LMSR Bury 16 PW paycheck £15
Image Ian Allan Locospotters Blue 31mm badge £10
Image BR LHW nickel cap badge £15
Image ASLEF Tunbridge Strike 1982 £5
Image BR Wales Bowling Club badge £7
Image LNER St Johns Ambulance £15
Image ASLEF Enfield 1982 £10
Image NUR Three Bridges 1989 £5